Inspiration Board No. 7: Christmas Home Decor

December 21, 2016

This is the first married year that Jamie and I have spent Christmas in Raleigh at our home. Traveling over the holidays the past couple of years has been fun, but to be honest I am SO excited to be at home. We’ve never had a real Christmas tree or really decorated our house, as we haven’t seen much of a point since we would be gone, but this year is a different story. I’ll be sharing a mini home tour of our Christmas decor, but first I wanted to share with you some of my inspiration for our decor! 2016christmasdecor Style Me Pretty | The Every Girl | West Elm | Lulu & Georgia | Unknown 
Chelsea Petaja | Terrain | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown 

2016 Christmas Cards

December 20, 2016


Merry Christmas from our little family to yours! If I had it my way, I would send each of you one of these lovely Christmas cards, as this is one of my favorite Christmas traditions (our 2014 cards and 2015 cards). As always, I am so happy with the way that these lovely cards from Minted turned out. This gold foil “Fir Frame” by Alethea and Ruth was the perfect pair for our outdoor picture taken by Olivia Suriano with Nancy Ray Photography!

Each year, I love putting together our year in review. It’s so much fun to look back on the past year and I love that over time we’ll be able to reminisce on the things that we accomplished as well as some funny things that happened!





Tulum, Mexico

December 16, 2016


This year, Jamie and I went to Tulum, Mexico for a whole week to celebrate Jamie’s new job, as well as all of our other 2016 milestones. Tulum has been on my travel bucket list for a couple years now, and I was thrilled to finally visit!

Because we planned our trip on short notice, we weren’t able to get one hotel reservation for the whole week, so we stayed in two different locations which ended up being so much fun. The first half of the week we stayed at Be Tulum. Think tropical forest meets white sand beaches meets trendy, with dreamy beach beds, comfortable yet stylish rooms, and swanky beach club. The second half of our trip, we stayed at Cabanas Tulum, which was more of a beach club, with clean white decor and a delicious smoothie bar in the lobby. These two hotels couldn’t have been more different, which made our trip a lot of fun!

Some of my favorite things about Tulum:
1. It’s small and intimate
2. You can walk or ride a bike to see the whole strip
3. The beaches are gorgeous and go on forever
4. The food is incredible
5. The cenotes are unlike anything I have ever seen

Tulum, you are full of delicious food, wonderful people and breathtaking views. Thank you for giving us an unforgettable week! We’ll be back!

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Meet Our Ladies

December 9, 2016


I love these little hens so much more than I ever imagined that I would. Each of them has a unique little personality and the older that they get, the more comfortable they become with us. We keep them in the coop majority of the time, but when we are home or working in the yard, we let them free range in our fenced in backyard and they love it. They get a lot of exercise and room to run around, all while fertilizing our yard and garden, which is a win for us!

Instead of purchasing chicks, like most people, we decided that we weren’t going to be able to raise chicks as they need more attention. After lots of research, we found a great farm 30 minutes from our house that sold backyard coop ready chickens. Originally, we were planning to get 3 or 4 hens, but when we got to Sunrise Oak Farm and saw all of the different breeds for sale, we decided to get 5 instead, and I’m so glad that we did. As you’ll see below, we have a variety of egg color layers as well as the look, which I love because we can tell them apart as well as their eggs, so we know who lays what.

When we brought the hens home, 2 of them were 4 months old and 3 of them were 2 months old, meaning that we would still need to wait a couple of months to receive eggs (they begin laying around 6 months old). It was really hard to be patient and when we started to believe that we weren’t ever going to get any eggs, Jamie went down to the coop and found the most beautiful green egg. Ever since, we’ve been getting up to three eggs a day! We love making our way down to the coop every morning to check and see what they have left for us.


Breed: Ameraucana
Egg Color: Easter Egg – shades of blue
Personality: Very skittish


Breed: Rhode Island Red
Egg Color: Light Brown
Personality: Friendly and easygoing


The Twins, Hanky & Doodle
Breed: Cuckcoo Maran
Egg Color: Dark Brown
Personality: Friendly and followers


Breed: Buff Orpington
Egg Color: Light Brown
Personality: Very friendly and super sweet



Introducing Bokeh to the chickens was our biggest reservation. Will she like them? Will they get along? Will she kill them? When we first brought them home, she was very confused, and definitely wanted to hunt and eat them, but after lots of training, discipline and getting pecked a couple times, they are beginning to co-exist in the backyard! There have been multiple times just recently when they have started to get really close to each other and not be bothered, but it took a lot of time, training and patience to get there!

Chicken Coop Tour

December 7, 2016


Welcome to our backyard chicken coop! It’s placed in the very back right corner of our backyard and has great tree covering to keep predators away (we hope!). With plenty of room to run around, a closed in room for sleeping, secure tin roof, and a nesting box, our chickens live in paradise! We constructed this chicken coop from scratch, using a lot of scrap supplies, and painted it to match our little yellow home. Click here to see the progression of building it!