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First Anniversary Session

February 9, 2017

Callie and Jamie -0189

When Jamie and I got married, we decided that moving forward we weren’t going to give each other gifts for any holiday. Instead we were going to have our pictures professionally taken and go on an awesome vacation together once a year to celebrate all the holidays. No gifts? I know it might sound crazy, but it’s been such a blessing in our marriage. We don’t have to worry about sneaking around or buying things that we don’t actually need. We get to put that money towards an experience that we’ll remember forever and pictures that will forever remind us of our first year of marriage.

To celebrate one year of marriage, I knew that I wanted to do something fun, so I brought together a couple of my favorite local vendors and put together a small little shoot that embodied the celebration of one year of marriage. We popped and enjoyed a bottle of champagne from our wedding day, cut a small “top tier” wedding cake, read our vows to each other and frolicked around on a beautiful farm with Bokeh by our side. I’m so thankful that the Graham and Samantha were there to capture each moment so perfectly. We’ll cherish these pictures for the rest of our lives!

Photography: Graham Terhune Photography
Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab
Tulle Skirt: BHLDN
Florals: Erin McLean Events
Cake: Sugar Euphoria
Calligraphy: Samantha Terhune

Truly honored to have these images included in the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of Trendy Bride Magazine!

Callie and Jamie -0003


Callie and Jamie -0011



Callie and Jamie -0026

Callie and Jamie -0030

Callie and Jamie -0032

Callie and Jamie -0052

Callie and Jamie -0054

Callie and Jamie -0088

Callie and Jamie -0079

Callie and Jamie -0071


Callie and Jamie -0063

Callie and Jamie -0081

Callie and Jamie -0107

Callie and Jamie -0117

Callie and Jamie -0124

Callie and Jamie -0116

Callie and Jamie -0125


Callie and Jamie -0047

Callie and Jamie -0168

Callie and Jamie -0186


Callie and Jamie -0196

A Letter to Myself

February 24, 2016

MakingThingsHappen Image by Robyn Van Dyke Photography

Two years ago, I was at Making Things Happen and I stood up in front of 100+ people and shared my deepest fear. I was a couple rows from the front, and had what I was going to say and then I stood up and it hit me. What I had planned was true, and to be honest I don’t even remember what it was, but what came on was vulnerable and honest and necessary. “I’m Callie Pitts, and I’m afraid to be a wife.” I was engaged to be married in a couple months, renovating a house, planning a wedding, and planning a life with Jamie. What was holding me back from all of these things was the fear that had just slapped me in the face, and if it wasn’t for MTH I’m not sure if I ever would have said that out loud and addressed it head on, but boy am I thankful that I did.

A couple of days ago, I was cleaning out a closet in our home, and found the letter that I wrote to myself on the second day of MTH and I fell slowly to the ground reading it. Almost two years into marriage, and I still need to hear these words that I wrote to myself, and maybe you need to hear them too.

Beloved Callie,
Remember that time when your life felt like a whirlwind, like you couldn’t squeeze anything else in it? Remember when you were anxious, doubtful, and troubled? I can’t promise you that all of these feelings have vanished now but I can tell you that you are not enough, that Jesus Christ is ENOUGH and all you need. I can tell you that you are capable, strong, confident, and a servant of the Lord and HIS greater purpose. FOLLOW HIM. At this point, you will be a wife to Jamie Davis and I want to remind you that you will never be enough for him, only Jesus will. Be encouraged that you are not perfect but a perfect Savior died for YOU! Give grace, love deeply, live like there is no tomorrow, and serve others – giving all the glory to the King of Kings! Kiss your husband and thank him for loving you despite your flaws. And never forget that you are capable of MAKING ANYTHING HAPPEN!

Breathe life into your deepest fear. I promise you it won’t always be easy, but if your goal is sanctification, I promise you, it will be worth it. The Lord will draw you near, comfort you, and point in the right direction. And to be completely honest, I still struggle with the fear of being a wife (more to come about this) but I have accepted that I am not enough, and that I never will be enough. The good news is that there is someone else who will always be enough, and I want to firmly fix my eyes on Him. 

One Year

June 17, 2015


How can it already be one year? I was telling a friend the other day that it seems like this year went by so fast, however I can’t remember what my life looked like before I was married to Jamie, so it seems like that was a lifetime ago. Marriage is beautiful in that kind of way and I am thankful. However, this year hasn’t been perfect, but it has been full of grace, and that is so much more beautiful that perfection. We don’t know all the answers, and are only in the beginning stages of our marriage, but so far, we can confidently say that chasing perfection, will always fail you. What will never fail you is sharing the grace that has been poured out on us by Jesus with each other. As ironic as it seems, grace is our perfect answer to marriage.

“But He gives us more GRACE.”
James 4:6b

Trust me when I say, this year has not been easy. There have been tears, anger, thankfulness, bitterness, great joy, sadness, lots of laughter, arguments, dance parties and so much growth. Each day with Jamie, I have learned something new, have been challenged, and encouraged to cling to Jesus over all.

To be honest, this was not the way that we had planned celebrating our first anniversary, but it was exactly what we needed; a day at home paired with fun activities! We went to church, picked strawberries, went on a long bike ride, prepared a romantic dinner on our deck and ate off our wedding china, ate the top tear of our frozen wedding cake, and watched our wedding video. But most importantly, we were together, and that’s all we needed.

Here’s to many more years, my love!

Film Processing: Indie Film Lab








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To Make You Holy

March 23, 2015

nancyray-caljamwed-3904 Image by Nancy Ray Photography

“The primary point of marriage is to teach you to wash the feet of another sinner.”
Elyse Fitzpatrick

Are you feeling unworthy, stagnant or discouraged today? To be honest, I have been feeling this way for a couple of weeks now; stumbling aimlessly through my days of long to do lists that never seem accomplished. The enemy had a foothold on me and it was yesterday afternoon that the Holy Spirit’s voice trumped his nasty voice. I could hear Him so clearly. Although what he said was a hard truth, it was what I so needed to hear. Marriage doesn’t create new problems, it just makes those problems worse. My selfish heart and desire didn’t appear when Jamie and I got married. That sin has always been in me, marriage just made it more prominent. The point of marriage is not to fulfill all my needs or to make me happier. The point of marriage is to teach me to wash the feet of another sinner. The point of marriage is to make me more like Him, to die to myself the way He did for me on the cross and to serve my husband whole heartedly through the good and bad, hard and easy, ugly and pretty.

“He laid aside his outer garments, and taking a towel, tied it around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet.” John 13:4-5

“Here’s the Lord, who deserves all power and glory, laying it all aside and taking the form of a servant, washing dirty feet. In just a few hours, these same feet would carry the disciples away from Jesus as they fled from him in the hour he needed them most. ” – J.D. Greear

If you are feeling this way or even if you just need some hard encouragement, listen to this sermon (First Love : One Simple Question : Ephesians 5:21 : J.D. Greear). It changed my whole perspective.

Marriage Preparation Books

March 13, 2015

calliedavis-marriagebooks-1006 During our engagement, it was important to Jamie and I to prepare more for our marriage than for our wedding. I am so excited to share more about the marriage preparation books that we read together. To be honest, in the beginning, I was very careful about talking with Jamie about marriage. Because of my past relationships, I was hesitant to share too much of my heart before it was appropriate, so it took some pulling on Jamie’s end to begin the initial conversations about marriage and our future. Reading books together really helped us months before we got engaged, as well as during our engagement. However, I will say, that no matter how many books you read, you will never know everything or be fully prepared, and that is a beautiful thing. You and your spouse will figure it out, good and bad, pretty and ugly, and you will do it together.

The Five Love Languages
“Forgiveness is not a feeling; it is a commitment. It is a choice to show mercy, not to hold the offense up against the offender. Forgiveness is an expression of love.”

Growing up, my mom loved this book and made our family take the test inside that lets you know what your love language is. I always found it so fascinating and I began making my friends take the test as well. A couple months after Jamie and I started dating, my mom and I encouraged him take the test, although we had already guessed what his love languages were. Similar to The Meaning of Marriage, this book is awesome for people of all stages of life and they have specific books for singles, kids, etc. Our love languages are different but it is so helpful to know not only how Jamie shows love to others, but how he feels loved in return.

The Meaning of Marriage
“Marriage is glorious but hard. It’s a burning joy and strength, and yet it is also
blood, sweat, and tears, humbling defeats and exhausting victories.”  

Jamie and I decided to read this book separately, before we got engaged because we wanted to make sure we had a good understanding of The Lord’s meaning of marriage before we entered into a promise with Him and each other. During our engagement and marriage counseling, we went back through this book and talked about it together. This is an incredible book, not only for engaged or married men or women. If you are single, I would encourage you to read this book. It changed my whole perspective on marriage and what the Lord desires for us.

His Needs, Her Needs
“The husband and wife who commit themselves to meet each other’s most important needs will lay a foundation for lifelong happiness in a marriage relationship that is deeper and more satisfying than they ever dreamed possible.”

During our engagement, I read this book first and made lots of notes on the pages that were specific to me. Jamie then read the book and my notes, while making notes that were specific to him. After both of us separately reading, we went back through it together and talked about how each need specifically applied to us. The book describes the five most important needs of a woman and the five most important needs of a man and sets up different situations that could happen if those needs are not met. It encourages you to rank your needs from most important to least important, as each person is different.

Sheet Music
“Who is the giver of all good gifts? God. Sex is a gift from God and a commandment from God.”

Jamie and I read this book a month before our wedding and it was very helpful. The book encourages you to read only the first four chapters before you are married (such a quick read!), and then read the rest on your honeymoon or after you are married. I am so thankful for the way that Jamie and I communicate with each other, and I believe that it’s important in marriage preparation to talk through all aspects, including sex. After reading this book separately, we were able to talk through our expectations – making sure we were on the same page.

Total Money Makeover / Financial Peace University
“You must walk to the beat of a different drummer. The same beat that the wealthy hear. If the beat sounds normal, evacuate the dance floor immediately! The goal is to not be normal, because as my radio listeners know, normal is broke.”

 Finances can either tear you apart or bring you closer together. Jamie and I grew up with different financial backgrounds, which isn’t a bad thing, but we needed to have a lot of serious conversations about how we were going to move forward with our finances as a married couple. This is still something that we are working through everyday. Jamie recently read Total Money Makeover and we are still hoping to take a Financial Peace University class together. It’s important to us that this is something that we do together instead of assigning it to one person. I have learned that it is so important to include some kind of financial book or class into your marriage preparation curriculum, as it’s vital to start having these conversations sooner than later.

If you are married or engaged, what other books have you read that you would suggest for preparing for marriage?