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October 2016 Goals

October 4, 2016

calliedavis-farmersmrkt-1004 Fall has arrived! I’ve got my mulling spices simmering in my mini crock pot, my cozy sweaters anxiously waiting to be worn, and my gardening tools ready to switch out the flowers on our front porch with mums, pansies and cabbage. The weather is slowly beginning to cool down here in North Carolina, and I’m looking forward to curling up with a good book and hot apple cider in front of our gas log fireplace.

Begin reading The Nightingale
Shoot 2 lovely weddings
Serve on the Encouragement Crew at Making Things Happen!
Celebrate Olivia and Andrew‘s marriage
Run 3 times a week / Begin training for the 8K Turkey Trot
Celebrate Jamie and a big milestone
Shoot 1 roll of personal film
Spend a girls weekend (#thefivecinques) in Greenville, SC
Finish needlepointing my Christmas stocking

October, you are full of so many things that light my heart on fire! I like you already.

September 2016 Goals

September 1, 2016

calliedavis-carolinapoint-1000 “Father, show us. Show us how free we are. Show us what that looks like. Will you reveal to us why freedom is important to you? Why you so long for us to believe we have it? Will you show us why you broke the chains of bondage in our lives? Will you show us your lavish love? God, sometimes it’s hard to really believe it. Will you help us overcome our unbelief? Will you offer some kind and tangible reminders of your love for us and how your works on the cross changed everything? We want to believe that everything was different when we accepted your Son’s sacrifice. We want to believe that the gospel changes us every day. Will you make that shine for us, Lord? Please show each of us in the ways that we understand, God.”
Prayer by Hayley Morgan from Wild & Free

Read In a Dark, Dark Wood
Spend Labor Day Weekend at the beach
Travel to St. Louis for my sweet cousin’s wedding
Shoot 2 lovely weddings
Shoot 1 roll of personal film
Clean out three closets (2 in our home office, 1 in our guest bedroom)
Go apple picking with Jamie

What are you most looking forward to this fall?

August 2016 Goals

August 1, 2016


“Heavenly Father, You are freedom in all of the best ways. You were there before anything had shape or form. Your loves is so full of freedom – so ridiculously lavish and unconditional. Lord, thank You for being the Father to the prodigals who are lost, as well as to the older brothers and sisters who think they’ve got it all figured out. Thank You for offering us the prize of relationship with You. Thank You for taking off all the worldly markings of success and pushing us back to Jesus’ work on the cross as a reminder of Your goodness. We’re grateful that You’re not bound by time or people. We’re grateful You’re only bound by what You say to be true of Yourself and by Your promises. Thank You for that. Help us to believe it.”
Prayer by Haley Morgan from Wild & Free

Finish reading Wild and Free and Sweetbitter
Shoot 2 lovely weddings
Spend at weekend at Lake Norman with family
Shoot 1 roll of personal film
Begin blogging our home renovation process (!!)
Try 1 week of Hello Fresh
Finish making this blanket for our guest room
Create prayer cards suggested in A Praying Life by Paul Miller and begin praying through this guide

Happy August!

July 2016 Goals

July 1, 2016


One of my goals this year was to travel, and this month I’m making that happen! Life is too short not to say yes to new adventures! It’s going to be a busy month filled with tons of travel with people that I love and I’m so excited. With my schedule as a wedding photographer, I usually don’t have very many free summer weekends, except in July and I’m always sure to book up each weekend. So here’s to a crazy month of travel and a crazy month of adventure!

Read Wild and Free
Read Sweetbitter
Shoot 1 lovely wedding
Celebrate Fourth of July at the beach
Sign up for a 10K and 5K in the Fall (recommendations welcome!)
Spend one relaxing, fun week at Carolina Point as Adult Guests
Spend a long weekend with my mom and best friend in Colorado
Spend a weekend up North with Jamie’s awesome family
Shoot 1 (or 2) personal roll(s) of film

What adventure are you looking forward to this month? Share your July goals in a comment below!

June 2016 Goals

June 2, 2016

calliedavis-929marilyn-2000 Happy June! It’s Summer y’all!

I’m really excited for this month. The other day Jamie and I realized that this is the year that we’re learning to work together. If you’ve followed along with my half marathon journey, you’ll know that before we started training for this, Jamie and I could not work out together. We butt heads too much, both of us wanting to always be in control and not to be told what to do. When people find out I’m a wedding photographer, they always ask if Jamie second shoots with me, and almost every time we respond by looking at each other, laughing and saying no. But this month…

This month we’re running a half marathon together (!!!), and not just running in the same race, but running side by side. And we’re building a chicken coop in our backyard (I’m Jamie’s assistant) and I feel like we’ve finally figured out how to work with each other with kindness and grace! We’ve chosen not to take things so seriously and learned a lot about each other. I’m truly excited to continue to do things together!

RUN a 1/2 Marathon (!!!)
Finish reading Under the Tuscan Sun
Shoot 1 lovely wedding
Celebrate my Mom’s 50th (!!!) birthday
Finish building our chicken coop (follow me on snapchat to see our progress – @carolynsomers)
Sponsor a child through Compassion International
Go to the Farmer’s Market
Go on a date with Jamie once a week (we were doing really great with this but we’ve slacked a bit)
Review our monthly budget and financial goals
Listen to this sermon about rest and sabbath
Shoot 1 personal roll of film
Add “Our Wedding” page to the website