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And Be Thankful.

June 2, 2017


All images by Nancy Ray Photography

And then all of a sudden, it was crystal clear what matters in our life and what doesn’t…

It’s been a whirlwind for the Davis family over the past couple of months as Jamie’s dad, Paul has been diagnosed with ALS. Through the sadness, anger, confusion and fear of it all, we’re choosing above all else to be thankful.

THANKFUL for strong marriages that we have to look up to like Paul and Jane’s that are a beautiful picture of the wedding vows “in sickness and in health”.

THANKFUL that God doesn’t call us to go through hard things alone, and that he has given us an incredible community of friends and family who are prayer warriors and are in this with us.

THANKFUL for research, medicine, doctors and money that is being raised to hopefully cure this terrible disease.

THANKFUL for God’s comforting words that we have been reading, understanding and trusting in a whole new light.

THANKFUL for an unforgettable family trip to Jamaica and for another upcoming generous trip to Mexico where we can spend quality, intentional time together as a family.

THANKFUL that we believe in a God that weeps with us and that we can put our trust in over everything else.

THANKFUL for photography, the way that it stops a moment in time and for Nancy Ray who generously took these pictures that our family will cherish forever.

THANKFUL for this new calling on our lives to raise awareness and money for this terrible, incurable disease.

THANKFUL that through it all, it is well with our souls.

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.” Colossians 3:15

If you feel lead, would you join us in praying for Paul’s health? We would be so grateful!


















Meet Baye!

April 18, 2017


Images by Olivia Suriano with Nancy Ray Photography

As you might already know, 6 weeks ago we added another four legged little love to our family! It has been so much fun to have another personality in our family, as she is quite the opposite of Bokeh. She loves to snuggle, Bokeh like her own space. She is fearless and really sassy, while Bokeh is very timid and submissive. It’s funny when I hear myself talking about the two of them because it almost sounds as if I’m talking about own children. Bokeh has the typical first born qualities, while Baye is definitely a rebellious second born, but we love them both so much!

People have been asking us tons of questions since we got her and I wanted to answer them for you here also!

Where did her name come from?
No joke, Jamie and I were trying to come up with names that started with B and Jamie said “What about Bae?” I laughed and said absolutely not, but then the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. We agreed that we couldn’t spell it “Bae” so we decided on “Bay” and then last minute decided to add an “e” on the end to make it more feminine!

Where did you get her?
We got her in Columbia, SC! Fun story, her brother belongs to one of our best friends Kit and Mary Courtney Southwick. Months ago, we both talked about adding another dog to our family, so we began looking for litters where we could both get a pup! Jamie and I had found a litter and reserved a pup to pick up in May, but when Kit and Mary Courtney found this litter due to pick up in February, we realized this was a much better time for us to train and bond with a puppy, as we had minimal plans in the month of March and my wedding season hadn’t started yet!

What does Bokeh think of her?
Bokeh loves her! They are best buddies, but there are times when Baye is climbing all over her and biting her body when Bokeh just looks at me and I imagine her saying “But Mom, this is so annoying.” They play constantly – wrestle, chase each other around and play tug a war but they also snuggle together on the same bed and it melts our heart.

How has puppy life been?
Puppy life is hard. However, I will hopefully never have another puppy without having a grown dog. In ways it’s been a lot easier than when Bokeh was a puppy. They constabtly entertain each other, so we’re not down on the floor playing with her as much. They’re always side by side so we also don’t have to keep our eyes on her as much. Jamie has been doing a great job training Baye and it’s been a lot easier because she just watches Bokeh and does what she does. I can tell that Baye looks up to her a lot which is really sweet!

Nights have definitely been hard. Jamie and I try to alternate who gets up with her, but most of the time I get up with her in the middle of the night and Jamie wakes up with her around 5:30am. We’ve definitely been more tired than usual but that’s part of it, and we’re hoping that we’re getting closer and closer to her sleeping through the night. She’s had some stomach issues which has also been different than our experience with Bokeh. I won’t go too much into the nasty details, but let’s just say we’ve got up lots of time and there’s been a big enough of an accident that we need to bathe her and spray off the whole crate in the middle of the night…

Does she get along with the chickens?
Surprisingly, yes! The first couple of days that we had them all out in the backyard together she didn’t really notice them. After a couple of days together, she started following them around and trying to sniff them. We would find her somewhat stalking them like a little lion and attempting to pounce on them. They would then get spooked and flap away, but she hasn’t caught one or tried chasing after them. Just like with Bokeh, we held one up to her face so she could sniff it and see what it was. We’ve already trained her not to go inside the coop and she’s very obedient. I think it was much easier training her as a puppy to coexist with the chickens than it was with Bokeh. We’re hopeful that they’re all going to be best buddies!







Artifact Uprising 2016 Family Yearbook

February 21, 2017


When Jamie and I got married, we decided that we wanted to make yearbooks, filled with images from each year. A book that we could flip through and that would remind us of what we experienced and accomplished. But when I sat down to make this happen, I found that it was going to be way more difficult and take a lot more time than I had anticipated. As a professional photographer, you might think that I had all of our personal images perfectly organized and used to enjoy to my full advantage… but I didn’t. That is until I started following Nancy Ray’s Organizing Your Personal Photos PDF. I put her methods into practice and it’s made the biggest difference. It’s allowed me to take hold of our family’s images and use them in a way that they are enjoyed, not just taking up storage on my phone or computer. It’s allowed me to easily put together our family yearbooks! So easy, that I believe that you can do it to!


Process For Past Yearbooks:
1. Implement a photo organization process
*If you’re looking to organize your personal photos, I would highly recommend Nancy Ray’s Organizing Your Personal Photos PDF. I can promise you that putting a strict system into place for your photos will allow you to enjoy them more than you had ever hoped!

2. Gather all the images that you would like to use in one folder
Gathering Tips:
– Look through each of your final images folder and copy the images you would like to use for your yearbook into a new folder on your desktop called “AU 2016”
– Copy iPhone images into AU 2016 folder. I use Google Photos to backup my iPhone images! It’s an easy backup for your images and an efficient way to transfer them from your phone to your computer.
– Gather images from other family members if possible. Because it’s only Jamie and me, I just hijack his phone for an hour or so and send all of his pictures to myself to add to the AU 2016 folder.

3. Create an account and choose your book type and design details in Artifact Uprising! Be sure to choose one that you love, because you will want to continue to use the same design so that you have consistency over time! I choose to use the Smoke 8.5×11 Hardcover Photo Book with full dust jacket and 100 pages, but all of their options are awesome!

4. Design your book. I like to do mine in chunks of time rather than sit down for hours to do the whole thing. It allows me to step away and rethink some of the designs.
Designing Tips:
– Less is more! Choose the best images that remind you of that time (1-5), rather than tons of images that all convey the same thing. My favorite layout option is the one image full bleed, as it makes the design look like something out of a magazine!
– Tell the story! Design it chronically if possible. I sit down with my planner and go through month by month to make sure the images align and that I don’t forget anything.
– Don’t be afraid to mix professional photos with iPhone photos!
– Make sure all of your images are the correct size. If you get an exclamation point in the corner of some of the images, it means that they are not going to print well, and you don’t want that! Try to find the original picture, rather than saving it via social media or taking a screenshot of it, as this will compromise the size of the image.




Process For Current Yearbook:
Follow the same process above, but instead of waiting until the end of the year, add the images to your design quarterly. Set a date on your calendar at the end of each quarter, and use that time to fill your yearbook with photos from the past 3 months. Be strict with your due dates! I promise you, this project will be easy to put off if you let yourself. Don’t let yourself! By the end of the year, your design should be finished and you’ll be able to order your yearbook in January of the following year!




Thank you so much to Artifact Uprising for partnering with me on this fun project! They graciously helped me with some of the cost of this book, but I would have used them even if they didn’t!

First Anniversary Session

February 9, 2017

Callie and Jamie -0189

When Jamie and I got married, we decided that moving forward we weren’t going to give each other gifts for any holiday. Instead we were going to have our pictures professionally taken and go on an awesome vacation together once a year to celebrate all the holidays. No gifts? I know it might sound crazy, but it’s been such a blessing in our marriage. We don’t have to worry about sneaking around or buying things that we don’t actually need. We get to put that money towards an experience that we’ll remember forever and pictures that will forever remind us of our first year of marriage.

To celebrate one year of marriage, I knew that I wanted to do something fun, so I brought together a couple of my favorite local vendors and put together a small little shoot that embodied the celebration of one year of marriage. We popped and enjoyed a bottle of champagne from our wedding day, cut a small “top tier” wedding cake, read our vows to each other and frolicked around on a beautiful farm with Bokeh by our side. I’m so thankful that the Graham and Samantha were there to capture each moment so perfectly. We’ll cherish these pictures for the rest of our lives!

Photography: Graham Terhune Photography
Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab
Tulle Skirt: BHLDN
Florals: Erin McLean Events
Cake: Sugar Euphoria
Calligraphy: Samantha Terhune

Truly honored to have these images included in the Winter/Spring 2017 issue of Trendy Bride Magazine!

Callie and Jamie -0003


Callie and Jamie -0011



Callie and Jamie -0026

Callie and Jamie -0030

Callie and Jamie -0032

Callie and Jamie -0052

Callie and Jamie -0054

Callie and Jamie -0088

Callie and Jamie -0079

Callie and Jamie -0071


Callie and Jamie -0063

Callie and Jamie -0081

Callie and Jamie -0107

Callie and Jamie -0117

Callie and Jamie -0124

Callie and Jamie -0116

Callie and Jamie -0125


Callie and Jamie -0047

Callie and Jamie -0168

Callie and Jamie -0186


Callie and Jamie -0196

2016 Christmas Cards

December 20, 2016


Merry Christmas from our little family to yours! If I had it my way, I would send each of you one of these lovely Christmas cards, as this is one of my favorite Christmas traditions (our 2014 cards and 2015 cards). As always, I am so happy with the way that these lovely cards from Minted turned out. This gold foil “Fir Frame” by Alethea and Ruth was the perfect pair for our outdoor picture taken by Olivia Suriano with Nancy Ray Photography!

Each year, I love putting together our year in review. It’s so much fun to look back on the past year and I love that over time we’ll be able to reminisce on the things that we accomplished as well as some funny things that happened!