Meet Baye!

April 18, 2017


Images by Olivia Suriano with Nancy Ray Photography

As you might already know, 6 weeks ago we added another four legged little love to our family! It has been so much fun to have another personality in our family, as she is quite the opposite of Bokeh. She loves to snuggle, Bokeh like her own space. She is fearless and really sassy, while Bokeh is very timid and submissive. It’s funny when I hear myself talking about the two of them because it almost sounds as if I’m talking about own children. Bokeh has the typical first born qualities, while Baye is definitely a rebellious second born, but we love them both so much!

People have been asking us tons of questions since we got her and I wanted to answer them for you here also!

Where did her name come from?
No joke, Jamie and I were trying to come up with names that started with B and Jamie said “What about Bae?” I laughed and said absolutely not, but then the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. We agreed that we couldn’t spell it “Bae” so we decided on “Bay” and then last minute decided to add an “e” on the end to make it more feminine!

Where did you get her?
We got her in Columbia, SC! Fun story, her brother belongs to one of our best friends Kit and Mary Courtney Southwick. Months ago, we both talked about adding another dog to our family, so we began looking for litters where we could both get a pup! Jamie and I had found a litter and reserved a pup to pick up in May, but when Kit and Mary Courtney found this litter due to pick up in February, we realized this was a much better time for us to train and bond with a puppy, as we had minimal plans in the month of March and my wedding season hadn’t started yet!

What does Bokeh think of her?
Bokeh loves her! They are best buddies, but there are times when Baye is climbing all over her and biting her body when Bokeh just looks at me and I imagine her saying “But Mom, this is so annoying.” They play constantly – wrestle, chase each other around and play tug a war but they also snuggle together on the same bed and it melts our heart.

How has puppy life been?
Puppy life is hard. However, I will hopefully never have another puppy without having a grown dog. In ways it’s been a lot easier than when Bokeh was a puppy. They constabtly entertain each other, so we’re not down on the floor playing with her as much. They’re always side by side so we also don’t have to keep our eyes on her as much. Jamie has been doing a great job training Baye and it’s been a lot easier because she just watches Bokeh and does what she does. I can tell that Baye looks up to her a lot which is really sweet!

Nights have definitely been hard. Jamie and I try to alternate who gets up with her, but most of the time I get up with her in the middle of the night and Jamie wakes up with her around 5:30am. We’ve definitely been more tired than usual but that’s part of it, and we’re hoping that we’re getting closer and closer to her sleeping through the night. She’s had some stomach issues which has also been different than our experience with Bokeh. I won’t go too much into the nasty details, but let’s just say we’ve got up lots of time and there’s been a big enough of an accident that we need to bathe her and spray off the whole crate in the middle of the night…

Does she get along with the chickens?
Surprisingly, yes! The first couple of days that we had them all out in the backyard together she didn’t really notice them. After a couple of days together, she started following them around and trying to sniff them. We would find her somewhat stalking them like a little lion and attempting to pounce on them. They would then get spooked and flap away, but she hasn’t caught one or tried chasing after them. Just like with Bokeh, we held one up to her face so she could sniff it and see what it was. We’ve already trained her not to go inside the coop and she’s very obedient. I think it was much easier training her as a puppy to coexist with the chickens than it was with Bokeh. We’re hopeful that they’re all going to be best buddies!







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