March 2017 Goals

March 3, 2017


I have come to love our backyard chickens more than I had ever expected. We’ve now had our ladies for 6 months and they have become a part of our family. They have little differentiating personalities, come when I call them and have been loyal in producing the most beautiful and delicious eggs for us! It has brought Jamie and I more joy than we ever expected to be able to share these eggs with people that we love – our family, neighbors and co-workers. Having backyard chickens when you live in a big city has become quite the conversation with people, and it’s been fun to share the joy with them! If you’re in Raleigh, let me know! I would love to share some with you!

Sadly, we lost one of our first chickens, Henreitta about a month ago. We are still calling it a medical mystery, but we think she attacked by some type of large bird. Call me crazy, but I was devastated and when I called Jamie to tell him I had found her dead body in the backyard, he thought that something terrible that happened to me or a family member. (Maybe I was a little bit too dramatic…) A couple weeks later, we decided to get two more chickens (Peep and Sunny) to replace her and little by little the two clans have been getting to know each other and are learning to live together nicely.

I’m looking forward to this month, as Jamie and I have kept our plans to a minimum. I’m excited for weekends at home, daylight savings and spending more time in our backyard as we work to make some big changes in our landscaping!

Finish reading The Zookeeper’s Wife
Read the book of James once a day
Photograph Summit’s Women’s Conference (March 11th)
Help Jamie mulch our backyard
Add another animal to our family
Workout 2x a week
One TV free week (when Jamie and I are together)
Design 2017 quarter 1 Family Yearbook

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