Brown Paper Bag Wine Tasting Party

February 16, 2017


Whether it’s a casual cookout or a themed party, Jamie and I love to host people in our home and we love to bring people that we love together. A couple weeks ago, we hosted a wine tasting party and we had the best time! We are always looking for fun events to host, and after hearing about this idea from a friend, we knew it would be a good time!

If you’re a fan of red wine, heavy hors d’oeuvres and good company, this party is for you!

– I recommend having no more than 12 people (6 couples). The more people you invite, the more wine that you have to try, the longer it takes.
– Explain the rules of the game (see below) and ask each person to bring 2 of the exact same bottles of red wine with a strict spending limit of $10 (1 bottle can range in price anywhere from $00.01 – $10.00). *You can make the spending limit anything that you want, but I would recommend doing at least $10*
– Ask each guest to bring their favorite appetizer to share!

calliedavis-brownpaperbagwineparty-1004 Preparation:
– Print out Tasting Notes, Voting Cards, and Bottle Numbers (according to your number of guests)
– At your local wine store or grocery store, ask for brown paper wine bags to hide each of the tasting bottles.
– We purchased plastic cups and had each guest write their name on it, to keep the wasting of cups to a minimum.
– Be sure to put a spit / washing bucket and a pitcher full of water in the center of the table for people to spit out their wine (drink responsibly!) and to rinse their cup between tastings!

calliedavis-brownpaperbagwineparty-1002 Party Logistics:
– When each guest arrives, ask them for both of their bottles of wine
– Take both bottles into a separate room. Put 1 bottle in the “Winners Pile” and use the other for tasting. Put the tasting bottle in a brown paper bag with a number. Be sure to take the cork label off at the top so there is no way to tell which bottle is which.
– Once everyone has arrived, bring all of the bottles out and place them on a table in order from least to greatest.
– Begin the tasting by explaining the rules.
– When you believe everyone has tasted each wine and completely filled out their voting card, gather all the cards for tallying.

calliedavis-brownpaperbagwineparty-1008 Scoring:
– 3 points for first place
– 2 for second place,
– 1 for third place
– The wine with the most points wins! The guest who brought the first place wine gets to go home with 11 bottles of wine that were set aside at the beginning of the game! Last place has to take their bottle home (because no one wants last place wine!)

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