February 2017 Goals

February 1, 2017

calliedavis-christmascard16-1000H We’re 1 month into 2017, and I am really loving this beginning. January was full of rest, slow moving mornings, quality time with people that we love, magical snow days and multiple birthday celebrations. Although today was sunny and warm (yes, it was 70 degrees) in NC, February reminds me of cozy, snuggled up days, and I’m looking forward to weekends in the mountains, weekly date nights, trying new recipes and playing board games!

Read The Zookeeper’s Wife
Invest in a nice pair of pajamas (recommendations welcome!)
Plan a fun date night
One TV free week (when Jamie and I are together)
Shoot 1 lovely wedding
Spend a weekend in the mountains with the #nrpteam
Enjoy a weekend in the mountains with some of our best married friends (see our 2015 trip here)

*Leftover from January Goals:
Clean out and organize laptop files
Purchase a new camera

To all of you who filled out my reader survey, thank you SO much! Your feedback has been so much fun to read through, and I’m feeling inspired and encouraged about the content that I’ll be sharing in the coming months!

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