Meet Our Ladies

December 9, 2016


I love these little hens so much more than I ever imagined that I would. Each of them has a unique little personality and the older that they get, the more comfortable they become with us. We keep them in the coop majority of the time, but when we are home or working in the yard, we let them free range in our fenced in backyard and they love it. They get a lot of exercise and room to run around, all while fertilizing our yard and garden, which is a win for us!

Instead of purchasing chicks, like most people, we decided that we weren’t going to be able to raise chicks as they need more attention. After lots of research, we found a great farm 30 minutes from our house that sold backyard coop ready chickens. Originally, we were planning to get 3 or 4 hens, but when we got to Sunrise Oak Farm and saw all of the different breeds for sale, we decided to get 5 instead, and I’m so glad that we did. As you’ll see below, we have a variety of egg color layers as well as the look, which I love because we can tell them apart as well as their eggs, so we know who lays what.

When we brought the hens home, 2 of them were 4 months old and 3 of them were 2 months old, meaning that we would still need to wait a couple of months to receive eggs (they begin laying around 6 months old). It was really hard to be patient and when we started to believe that we weren’t ever going to get any eggs, Jamie went down to the coop and found the most beautiful green egg. Ever since, we’ve been getting up to three eggs a day! We love making our way down to the coop every morning to check and see what they have left for us.


Breed: Ameraucana
Egg Color: Easter Egg – shades of blue
Personality: Very skittish


Breed: Rhode Island Red
Egg Color: Light Brown
Personality: Friendly and easygoing


The Twins, Hanky & Doodle
Breed: Cuckcoo Maran
Egg Color: Dark Brown
Personality: Friendly and followers


Breed: Buff Orpington
Egg Color: Light Brown
Personality: Very friendly and super sweet



Introducing Bokeh to the chickens was our biggest reservation. Will she like them? Will they get along? Will she kill them? When we first brought them home, she was very confused, and definitely wanted to hunt and eat them, but after lots of training, discipline and getting pecked a couple times, they are beginning to co-exist in the backyard! There have been multiple times just recently when they have started to get really close to each other and not be bothered, but it took a lot of time, training and patience to get there!

3 thoughts on “Meet Our Ladies

  1. Robyn

    Oh my goodness! I love this post so much!!! :) Your coop and chickens looks amazing and I love reading about your experience as we’ve talked about possibly getting chickens one day too! Would love to see a photo of their different eggs (I’ve never seen blue or green chicken eggs before!) and about any potential negatives we should be aware of like smell? :) Also, was it hard to get to the point where you could hold them?? Haha!

    P.S. One benefit of y’all not starting with chicks is that you knew you had hens!! I’ve had friends who had to give away some of their chickens TWICE cause they turned out to be roosters and woke up their neighbors!

  2. Hope

    Your hens are so pretty! My husband’s family has backyard chickens (in Raleigh too!) and it has been so fun to get to know all of the different personalities as they have grown, and to really see the pecking order pan out haha. They are so fun and I’m sure your eggs are delicious!


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