Building Our Chicken Coop

December 5, 2016

For my 25th birthday, I got a chicken coop. After a ton of research and work, 6 months later I finally got my completed chicken coop. First, I want to thank my AMAZING husband. He built this whole thing from scratch based on this plan that I found online. He spent his weekends and weekday evenings working so hard and solving problems to make this look just the way that I wanted. Along the way, we laughed, argued and learned a lot about building and working together. This year was a big year for accomplishments for us. We trained for and ran a half marathon together and we spent hundreds of hours working together to complete this chicken coop. It not only is a lovely home for our chickens, but a reminder that we can accomplish new things together.

Below you’ll see the progression (all iPhone pictures) of our project, from start to finish. We took tons of trips to Home Depot throughout our project, but the biggest “store” for us was the dumpster at the home that my parents are currently building. We took a lot of throw away wood and supplies out of the dumpster to use for our coop, which allowed us to save a lot of money. And because Jamie did most of the constructing and building, I asked him to share a couple take aways and pieces of advice:

1. Covering every inch of your coop with chicken wire is key, and it’s the most annoying task, but if it’s not done thoroughly, you could risk the chance of a nasty critter getting into your coop.
2. If you have an agro supply store close to you, it could be a really great resource. We spent a lot of time at AgroSupply.
3. Realize that it will take a lot of time, probably more time than you would ever expect and be willing to let go of your expectations.
4. Don’t take shortcuts in the structure or foundation construction. It might be easier in the beginning, but it could cause some major issues in the future.
5. Ask for help! You won’t be able to do it by yourself, especially when constructing the roof.

If you’re interested in adding a chicken coop to your backyard, let me know! I would love to answer any questions you might have along the way!


















2 thoughts on “Building Our Chicken Coop

  1. Neil Armitage

    Nice coop you have there.

    Sound advice not to skimp on the mesh, and tucking it in everywhere to keep the nasties out. How many chickens are you looking at getting?

    I have built more than 1 coop out of recycled pallet wood.

  2. Suzzy Rwanda

    Callie you beauty this is amazing ! Is there going to be painted somehow !? I`m honestly thinking of attempting this epic diy project but I`m afraid I can`t do it all by my self:-S.


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