929 Outdoor Renovations

September 16, 2016

Looking back at these before and after pictures has been so much fun and such a sweet reminder of all that we accomplished and more importantly, the blessing that this house has been to us. The outside of our house didn’t change too drastically. On the front, we framed in the outdoor breezeway between the garage and existing house, and added another window on the front. We also added new light fixtures, repainted, got a new garage door, and updated the landscaping.

I have to take a minute and brag about my incredible husband. Jamie landscaped our whole yard. He has spent countless hours in the yard planting, tending to our stubborn grass and dreaming about projects that he wants to complete over time. I am so proud of him and the way that he has improved our yard over the past two years.

In the back of our house, you’ll see the existing breezeway that was framed in and how it effected the structure of our closed in deck. Before you were able to access it from the front of the house, whereas now you can only access the deck from the door off of our kitchen. The existing deck was rotting and didn’t met standard code, so we rebuild it completely and stained it. In the back, you will also see the addition that we did to our master bedroom and how it changed the roof line and gave us a great little space underneath for a tool shed.














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