929 Master Bedroom Renovation

September 9, 2016

Our master bedroom suite renovation was a really fun process because it was the only area in our renovation where we had to build out of our existing home. The area that we added on the back of the existing bedroom is a 10ftx12ft space. This gave us plenty of space to create an awesome master bedroom suite. Building out from our existing home allowed us to do a couple things that are unique to us and our lifestyle. We over framed the roof and created a vaulted ceiling, added 4 large windows on the back wall, removed a window from the back wall of the guest bedroom and added a large walk in closet, and the new square footage allowed us to have a little storage space below that we use for a tool shed and a space for Bokeh to go when she’s outside.

Before we did the renovations, our house only had one bathroom, so it was on the top of our list to add another bathroom. We moved the existing door to the master bedroom in 5 feet to create a hallway that leads into the bedroom. Off the hallway we kept an existing linen closet to the left and added a bathroom to the right. If you remember from my dining room renovation post, we removed the built in shelves and bar, which gave us more space for the bathroom. Again, I would have loved to create this beautiful white bathroom with marble, a clawfoot bathtub and lots of windows, but that wasn’t in line with our goal. We saved a lot of money in our bathroom by choosing a discounted remnant piece of granite for the counter top and we decided not to do a frameless shower door or tile the shower floor. Instead we choose a porcelain shower pan and a framed shower door.

I love our huge walk in closet, and know that we are incredibly spoiled with this space. We added this because we knew that it would add great value to our home, because let’s be honest, what girl doesn’t need a big closet? Custom closet woodwork is expensive and we did have hanging shelves and a shoe shelf built but decided not to pay for custom built in dressers. Instead, we bought awesome dressers from IKEA that fit perfectly in the space.

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Grayish
Hardwood Flooring + Tile: Creative Touch Interiors
Shower Door + Bathroom Mirror: Tri City
Plumbing: Celey’s
Plumbing Fixtures: Moen
Light Fixtures: Seagull
Countertops: Artelye Marble & Granite
Trim + Carpentry: Harvey Skinner with Northern Woodworks















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