929 Master Bedroom Inspiration

September 8, 2016

929MasterBedroomInspiration Nancy Neil via Design Sponge | Tessa Neustadt via Amber Interior Design | Unknown
Unknown | Unknown| Unknown

When we started designing our master bedroom, we knew that we wanted it to be cozy, filled with lots of natural light and a comforting space to relax. Based on our renovation plan, we decided it would be best to add square footage off the back of the existing house, allowing us to vault our ceiling, add a large master closet, and add a big wall of windows which would bring in a lot of natural light. With the addition of square footage, we were also able to add a master bathroom in the existing space, giving our house 2 bathrooms! We used the images above for inspiration to help visually guide our renovation. These design decisions made the biggest difference, and I’m so excited to share the finished product with you tomorrow!

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