Half Marathon Journey: Week 20

May 31, 2016

HalfMarathonWeek20 I can’t believe we’re two weeks away from our race. As I posted on Instagram last week, it seems like I blinked and we were running 11 miles. 6 months ago I couldn’t even run a mile! This week we ran out last long run and it’s so surreal. For the next two weeks, we’ll be tapering our running to rest and get ready for 13.1.

I wanted to take this week to talk about my AMAZING accountability team. Back in December the NRP ladies decided to train for this half marathon together. It was the only way that I was willing to do it, and I am so grateful for them. For the past 6 months, we have been encouraging one another with tons of selfies, sharing our favorite songs to listen to and things that have been working for us. I truly can’t wait to race with these girls on June 12th and although we might not be running together, just knowing that they are out there doing the same thing brings me so much comfort! And along the way we picked up two more teammates – Jamie and Will!

Olivia, Nancy and Elizabeth,
Thank you for pushing me, for believing in me back in December, and reminding me that anything is possible. Thank you for encouraging me through this journey and for making me feel accomplished after every building mile. Y’all are my people. Let’s do this!!

If you don’t know where to start, find a group of people to do it with! Whether it’s one person or ten people, I promise you the accountability will keep you going!

Be sure to check out #nrprunsahalf and our Spotify playlist!

Miles this week: 22 Miles
Total Miles: 295 Miles

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