Half Marathon Journey: Week 19

May 27, 2016

HalfMarathonWeek19 The word grace seems to follow me everywhere, and I’m really thankful. It’s really no different when it comes to running. You’re not perfect and you can’t hold yourself to that standard.

As I mentioned last week, Jamie and I were a little slack in our training, which has caused running to be harder than usual. I know it’s supposed to be hard but our 10 mile run felt like death. It’s been really easy for Jamie and I to get down on ourselves and be mad that we didn’t do what were supposed to do, but what does that accomplish? Instead we’ve decided to move forward in grace. Grace with ourselves that we can’t be perfect in our training. Grace with each other as we continue to move forward encouraging each other rather than living in the “we should haves.” Grace with our bodies as they working harder and harder each day. Sometimes you need to walk (or walk your whole run) and sometimes you really need to push yourself. Finding that balance has been difficult but so sweet.

Miles this week: 18 Miles
Total Miles: 273 Miles

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