Half Marathon Journey: Week 18

May 18, 2016

HalfMarathonWeek18 To be completely honest with y’all, we have recently been a little slack with our training. Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t missed a long run but we haven’t been taking our shorter runs as serious. If we miss one, we’re not heartbroken and if we go on one and end up walking more than running then we’re fine with that. I honestly don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Part of me feels like it’s ok, because we’re up to running 10 miles, which is basically 13.1. But the other part of me feels a bit discouraged because after we’ve come this far, I don’t want to give up or give less. We’re so close.

This week was a bit more difficult because we were in Pinehurst for a wedding, and let’s be honest, who wants to wake up early and go on a run when all of your friends are sleeping in or making a delicious breakfast together? Not us! I got to spend the day at the Spa at Pinehurst, which was absolutely amazing.

On a different note, you’ll see a picture of my socks above. I know it’s kind of weird, but these are the socks that I’ve been wearing for years. They’re from Old Navy, and have always worked for me. Recently I’ve been getting blisters on my feet – nothing that’s holding me back from running or causing major pain, but I’m wondering is this normal? Or does anyone have a running sock recommendations?

Miles this week: 13 Miles
Total Miles: 255 Miles

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Journey: Week 18

  1. Maggie

    Hi Callie!

    I am also training for a half marathon and I love my Bombas socks! It’s a company that donates a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair sold. They are definitely a little more expensive but I bought a couple pair individually instead of a pack and only wear them on my longer runs! They are a little thicker and durable plus have the extra padding on the heel.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Jamie

    Feetures running socks are THE BEST!! Just started following your blog. I have been following Nancy’s for a little while. Both of you seem so sweet. Also, so inspired by your running journey. I think it says a lot about you that you didn’t quit despite your obstacles. I am a runner but currently suffering from an injury. After healing properly, I hope to be right back out there.

  3. MC

    Smartwool makes a great running sock! I like to wear their running sock that comes right above my ankle so I avoid heel blisters too!


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