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April 29, 2016


When my parents moved out of their house two years ago, my mom and I were going through our game closet and we found this amazing bingo set that we had completely forgotten about. In middle school, my family went skiing for Christmas, and my mom brought along this bingo set with tons of funny prizes. Our whole family played bingo all week and we had the best time! Of course, I jumped all over this set when she offered it to me, and Jamie and I have been excited to host a bingo night ever since!

A couple weeks ago, Jamie and I finally planned and hosted a bingo night at our house and we had the best time! We moved all the furniture out of our tiny family room, and brought in enough folding chairs and tables for our guests. If you’re interested in hosting your own bingo night, here’s what we did:

1. Send Invitations
We used these adorable online invitations to send to our friends. You could invite as many people as you like and have room for. We invited 20 of our closest friends because we knew our little house wouldn’t hold anymore than that.

2. Bingo set
As I mentioned above, we used this vintage bingo set which includes a metal cage, folding wood tracking tray, bingo board, and wood markers. Check out other bingo sets here and here!

3. Plan Prizes & Rounds
We charged our guests $5 per player to go towards prizes. Jamie and I created 5 pretty awesome themed baskets for the winners.

Practice Round: Explain the rules and play one standard bingo game (horizontal, vertical or diagonal line) to make sure everyone know hows to play 
Round One: Basic bingo (horizontal, vertical or diagonal line)
Round Two:  Postage Stamp
Round Three: Four Corners
Round Four: Cross
Round Five: Fill the Board

Italian Basket: 2 bottles of wine (1 red, 1 white), 2 wine glasses, pasta, pasta sauce and pasta spoon
Movie Theater Basket: Movie theater gift card, popcorn and candy
Ice Cream Basket: Goodberry’s gift card, sprinkles, cherries, root beer and ice cream scoop
Coffee Basket: Starbucks gift card, bag of coffee, coffee mug and chocolate covered espresso beans
Summer Cooler: Cooler filled with an assortment of drinks and a frisbee

– Choose a fun person to be the Caller (Jamie did it for us and he really kept the night going and kept us laughing). This person can still play a board, they just need to be able to multi-task.
– With 20(ish) people, these 6 rounds took about an hour with 5 minute breaks in between each game. The more people you have, the quicker the rounds will go.
– Depending on how much you charge and how many people you play with, you can adjust your prizes.
– Jamie and I have an Amazon Prime account so we ordered most of the prizes on Prime Now and they were delivered to our house that day (can you say easy?!)
– If there is a bingo tie, we broke the tie by calling numbers until someone had that number on their board.
– Use coins if you run out of markers

4. Drink & Desserts 
We chose to make our event later in the evening (8:00 – 10:00pm) and served drinks and desserts instead of hosting it earlier and serving dinner. I made banana pudding and dirt pudding the day before, which was super easy and delicious!

Jamie and I can’t wait to make this an annual event at our house! Happy bingo playing!

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  1. kelly

    This sounds like such a fun idea! Now a good reason to find a good vintage bingo set, because yours looks wonderful! :)


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