Half Marathon Journey: Week 15

April 27, 2016


45 days until our race.

People have asked me a lot recently “when you’re finished with this half marathon, are you going to keep running?” Honestly, I’m not sure about my answer to that question and the answer could change in the next 45 days, but right now yes. I’m looking forward to leisurely running (if that’s even a thing in my life). Now that we’re up in the higher long run numbers – 7, 8, 9, 10 miles, we can’t just go out and run. It’s got to be planned, according to our schedule and the weather. We have to prepare days in advance drinking tons of water, dedicate time to stretching and eating foods that we know will sit well in our stomachs. It’s a lot and then of course our long runs are taking anywhere from 1 – 2 hours. Simply put, this training is taking up a lot of our time, but it’s supposed to and I’m so thankful that Jamie and I are doing it together.

Nutrition while running is something that I have learned a lot about through this whole process and I still have a lot to learn. Your body only needs water for the first 90 minutes of exercise, but after that you have to begin fueling your body. Jamie and I went to Capital Run Walk and bought a bunch of different running “treats” to see what we liked. When I first read the different flavors of Gu, I got really excited. “Ooooh blueberry pomegranate, cherry lime, and raspberry.” I thought they were going to be like eating a Starburst. Let’s just say that I was rudely awakened when I tried one for the first time. Everyone has different preferences, tastebuds and opinions about what they like and works for them, but here’s what works for us:

Long Run Day:

Wake up, stretch, drink water and eat 1 energy shot (My favorite is the Strawberry Cliff Energy Shot and Jamie prefers drinking a Nuun Energy Tablet) I can’t eat normal food before running in the morning or it makes me sick and I also don’t drink coffee until after our run. The energy shots that I eat have caffeine in them which helps me not to get a headache and gives me an extra boost! I also run with a fuel belt which is awesome. There is a small pocket for my “snacks” and it holds two water bottles which I keep filled up with water. When we drop Bokeh back off at our house around mile 4 or 5, I will eat another energy shot and we refill our water bottles. Depending on the mileage we are doing, I’ll eat another energy shot around mile 8. After our run, I eat a big breakfast and drink coffee. I’ve learned that it’s super important to eat within 30 minutes of your run and I look forward to my delicious breakfast while I’m running the last couple of miles.

Again, everyone is different and has different preferences, but this is what seems to work for us! Through this process, I feel like I’ve learned a ton about my body and the key is learning to anticipate when you need to refuel and do it 15 minutes before you actually get to the point of needing it. If you have any nutrition suggestions or want to share what works for you, I’d love to learn from you!

Miles this week: 18 Miles
Total Miles: 207 Miles

One thought on “Half Marathon Journey: Week 15

  1. kelly

    Your training is inspiring! Seriously, I’m not a runner at. all. But have recently started because its just so nice outside and I live near one of the most beautiful greenways in town, so thanks for the inspiration to keep on going. As for nutrition suggestion I have a few tips/information. Also I should mentioned I’m 3 months away from being a licensed registered dietitian, so I’ve learned some about refueling properly. First I know having some sort of easy digestible protein within the first 30 minutes after running is important for muscle recovery. Something not as processed, so anything that is whey isolate, or “concentrate” is going to be harder for your body to break down than say having something like a smoothie with spinach or kale in it. (Hello antioxidants! :)) Also, about an hour after your workout is over you want to have some sort of good complex carbohydrate, so nothing that is “refined” like white bread. If you’re running in the mornings I’d suggest a breakfast with eggs, spinach, and some whole wheat toast. I hope these little tidbits help. And as always, you know your body best, so just keep listening to it :)


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