Half Marathon Journey: Week 14

April 18, 2016

HalfMarathonWeek14 Running in different cities has been one of the best parts of this training. This weekend we got to do our long run in one of my favorite cities – Charleston! Although it was raining, windy and quite cold, it was an awesome run. Mixing up our running routes is refreshing and keeps me more distracted, and who wouldn’t want to run by the water and through historic, charming Charleston neighborhoods! Our whole weekend was quite active, as we walked everywhere and went on two amazing bike rides which was a good cross training activity.

This week was a reduced load week which was so good for my body, which has been quite bruised and sore from my weekly dry needling and physical training exercises. As simple as it might seem, I’ve learned that becoming a runner is more than just going outside and running. You have to take care of your body with the proper nutrition, hydration, stretching, strength training, rest, cross training and gadgets. This week I added a running box of all my gadgets to my closet filled with our fuel belts, massaging balls, foam rollers, garmin watches, extended power sources for our music – the list goes on and on. Next week, I’ll be sharing more about these gadgets and the nutrition that I’ve learned for longer runs!

Miles this week: 14 Miles
Total Miles: 189 Miles

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