Half Marathon Journey: Week 13

April 12, 2016


And then it all became a mental game.

This week we ran 8 MILES and it felt awesome. If you know me, you know that I’m a “tell it like it is” girl. Since training began, I’ve had a hard time mentally pushing myself through this, convincing myself that I can keep going when it hurts, and talking positively to myself. I shared on Instagram the mantra that I’ve been telling myself and that I wrote on my arm this week – wonder. I ran 8 miles in complete wonder (you can read more about what this means here). I also continued to get dry needling done and I’m pretty sure from here on out, I can just expect to be getting it done every week. While it’s not fun in the moment, it has been tremendously helpful for my tight muscles and I’ve definitely seen huge improvements.

We also had a really fun weekend! Jamie and I ran/walked in our Young Life 5K with tons of our friends (and dog friends) on Saturday. On Sunday, I got to cheer and run 2 miles with my best friend, Mary Courtney who ran in the Raleigh Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Goodness, I’m thankful for this girl who has been one of my biggest cheerleaders through this whole process. We have been sending each other encouraging selfies and videos throughout our training and we’ve gotten the chance to train together a little bit. I’m so proud of her and the success she had at her race this weekend! Also, although I was not running as a participant in the race and I only ran two very hilly miles, being in the race got me PUMPED for our race. All the excitement and people made me feel like I was in an Olympic event and I can’t wait for our time to shine!

Miles this week: 19 Miles
Total Miles: 175 Miles

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