Half Marathon Journey: Week 12

April 4, 2016


This week was not what I had expected. It went a little something like this:

Monday: I ran 4 miles and it was possibly the most painful run to date. I tried to push through it but ended up walking almost half of it. The tension in my gluteus maximus and medius (yes, my butt muscles) felt like it was going to explode.
Tuesday: I had my first physical therapy appointment which was awesome. We did tons of tests to see just how tight my muscles are, I got lots of good stretching and strengthening exercises to work on, and I got my soles adjusted.
Wednesday: Jamie and I ran 4 miles and for the first time, I had to stop and sit down on the pavement because I was in so much pain. So much pain that Jamie had to run ahead to get the car and come back and pick me up – how embarrassing.
Thursday: I called my Physical Therapist to let him know how I was feeling. He insisted I come in on Friday and get dry needling done in my glutes. Ugh.
Friday: While I’m supposed to be running 8 miles, instead I got dry needling done, which is officially the weirdest feeling ever. They put a needle into the muscle and move it up and down to cause a spasm that releases the tension in the muscle. This caused my muscles to feel so sore as if they did one million squats. My type A personality hated not being able to do my scheduled run, but I had to continue to tell myself that taking care of my body is more important than getting my exercise completed. So I gave myself grace in resting.
Sunday: Jamie and I went to the YMCA and I did 3 miles on the treadmill and 3 miles on the elliptical. Although my lungs were tired because I hadn’t run since Wednesday, my muscles felt extremely different. They aren’t perfectly fixed, but they felt way better and I’m thankful.

Miles this week: 14 Miles
Total Miles: 156 Miles

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