April 2016 Goals

April 1, 2016

calliedavis-farmersmrkt-1000 Happy April! This week, I opened up my Powersheets to work on my April Goals and was excited to see the three month goal refresh. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen this post with my filled out refresh page and because you might not be able to fully read everything I wrote in the picture, here are some things that I discovered:

What DIDN’T work in the past three months?
– Procrastination
– A negative attitude
– Holding things in
– Comparison
– Multi-tasking

What DID work in the past three months?
– Planning ahead
– Spending time with people that I love
Running with Jamie
– Prayer – hearing from the Lord
– Learning new things + taking on new responsibilities at work
– Letting go of things being a mess
– Vulnerability
– Leaving room to have FUN!
– Giving
– Patient waiting

Lessons I learned:
– Choose community
– There is nothing to small to celebrate!
– My soul finds rest in God ALONE
WONDER: surprise mingled with admiration

After these exercises, I am feeling refreshed moving forward with my goals and feel really good with where I am now and where I am hopeful to continue to grow. With a couple tweaks I feel like I have a clear picture moving forward and am so excited about the next three months!

Some things I’m looking forward to in the next three months:
Run a half marathon (!!)
– Celebrate our 2nd anniversary in Charleston
– Shoot 6 lovely weddings
– Celebrate two of our best friend’s weddings
– Build a chicken coop and add 3 chickens to our backyard
– Celebrate my brother’s college graduation
– Celebrate my lovely Mother’s 50th Birthday

April Goals:
Read Room
Begin decorating our guest bedroom + clean out closet
Shoot 2 lovely weddings
Take 1 personal roll of film
Begin serving at our church
Spend a weekend in Charleston to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary!
Continue physical therapy exercises and half marathon training
Begin journaling during my quiet times again
1 social media free weekend (4/1 – 4/3)

4 thoughts on “April 2016 Goals

  1. Robyn

    Chicken Coop!!!!! Ahhh! So excited for y’all!! :) It’s a dream of mine to have some chickens one day too!!

    Love your PowerSheets refresh and excited for what’s ahead for you!! <3

  2. Kristen

    I always love reading your goals, Callie! I have been learning a lot of the same lessons over the last quarter, and I’m excited to live them out over this next quarter. Letting go of comparison and choosing vulnerability and community are right where I’m at. :) Happy April!!

  3. Mattye

    Thanks for sharing your three month refresh! I also loved working through that in my PowerSheets as I started the second quarter of the year. And, our guest bedroom is on my goal list for April as well. Fits right in with the spirit of Spring Cleaning (which I never really understood until we bought our house!) Happy April!


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