Happy Birthday Robert Hayes Davis!

March 31, 2016

calliedavis-hayesbirth-1025 People have told me that being an Aunt is one of the best roles in life, but I had no idea just how great it was, until I got to hold my perfect nephew hours after he was born.

Welcome to the world, Robert Hayes Davis!
Born March 29, 2016 at 2:40pm
7lbs. 1.5oz


My brother and sister in law decided to keep his name a secret from us. Although it was hard calling the baby “him” or “it” for almost 9 months, it was fun to anticipate the name that they had chosen. To make it even more fun, Clay sent out a list of 30 names and asked us to guess his full name from the names that he gave us.

My guess: Carter Robert(s) Davis
Jamie’s guess: Bryce Clay Davis
My Mother-in-law’s guess: Daniel Brooks Davis
My Father-in-law’s guess: Wesley Brooks Davis

Hayes, you are so dearly loved. Jamie and I can’t wait to spoil you and take you on countless adventures!

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