Half Marathon Journey: Week 10

March 23, 2016

HalfMarathonWeek10 BIG NEWS!!! Jamie officially signed up to run the half marathon with me. Y’all the amount of joy that this brings me is bursting out of my seems! He has been training with me since week 6, and he makes training so much fun! I’m thrilled to do this together, to cheer each other on, and accomplish this impossible seeming task with my best friend!

At the beginning of the week, I saw my favorite orthopedic surgeon (and second dad), Dr. Rob Jones at Impact Orthopedics and he diagnosed me with tarsal tunnel – yes just like carpal tunnel but in my feet. I’m relieved to finally know the reason behind my feet falling asleep and although there’s nothing I can really do about it, I’m going to begin physical therapy in two weeks which will hopefully help.

Jamie and I also did our first night run this week, which was fun because it gave me a new perspective of our everyday route, and we ran to the most colorful sunset! We also ran at the beach which was incredible. Like I said last week, I really love the change of scenery and the way that it motivates me. However, I officially DREAD the Saturday run after our long run. This week, we ran 6 miles on Friday and 3 miles on Saturday. I had to basically walk 2 of the 3 miles because my body was so tired. I’m continuing to learn to have grace with myself, especially in moments like this when it’s easier to make myself feel like I failed because I didn’t do the exercise like the way I was supposed to.

Miles this week: 17 Miles
Total Miles: 129 Miles

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