Under the Oaks: Guestbook

March 4, 2016


Our wedding guestbook was one of my favorite details of our wedding, because it is something that Jamie and I still cherish, and will cherish for many years to come. Whether we are reading our bible together, or reading through the advice and wishes that our guests left for us, it’s such a fun way to look back on our wedding day. I’m so thankful for the team at River Oaks who came up with this perfect idea for our wedding! It’s extremely simple to put together, if you are trying to come up with a guestbook idea last minute, or if you want your guestbook to stay with you for years.

1. Purchase a new bible (optional: have your names engraved on the front)
2. Assemble ribbons of various colors and textures (we used our wedding colors) and stitch card stock rectangles at the tops of the ribbons. This is where you guests can write a short note, piece of advice, or their favorite bible verse.
3. Hang the ribbons above the table where your bible will be placed, and make it easy for your guests to pull off a ribbon to write on and add to your bible.
4. Leave clear directions such as “Please choose a ribbon from the oaks and sign it with a wish, advice, or verse for Callie and Jamie. Place it in their bible to be treasured for many anniversaries to come.”

Venue, Planning + Coordination: River Oaks Charleston
Photography: Nancy Ray Photography
Bible: LifeWay




4 thoughts on “Under the Oaks: Guestbook

  1. Lauren Jolly

    I love this (noticed it when I saw your wedding originally on the NRP blog) and have decided to do it for my son’s first birthday party! I think it’ll be something he’ll treasure as he gets older and starts reading his Bible. Thanks for the great idea for a sweet keepsake!


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