Half Marathon Journey : Week 7

February 29, 2016


And so the pain begins…

This week was probably the most difficult week to date. I’m dealing with a body who is not used to being a runner. It’s slowly getting used to running up to three or more miles, three times a week, and while I’m working on my mental motivation, I am also running through aches and pains in my achilles/calves and hips. This muscle stick roller has been my saving grace, and I have realized that rolling out my legs before running allows me to run farther and the pain to be less dominant. Also, like clockwork at 3 miles, my right foot begins to fall asleep. It starts at the tips of my toes, and I can feel the numbness move from my toes all the way up to my ankle. I’m still trying to discover what’s causing this numbness (I promise I am tying my shoes really loose) and how to make it stop, because it is quite annoying.

Jamie and I also did our first run in the pouring rain (see top middle picture). I ran in my raincoat and we were drenched when we finished but it was actually quite refreshing and fun to feel the freedom of not being so concerned with getting wet. We didn’t melt for goodness sake! However, it was hard for me not to think that as people were driving by, I had officially become that person that you pass when you’re in your car and think “man, now that sucks.”

Miles this week: 15 Miles
Total Miles: 80 Miles

One thought on “Half Marathon Journey : Week 7

  1. Kayla

    I’m a runner and my foot falls asleep, too! I could always tell you exactly when it would happen on my route like clockwork- so weird! The past few years it finally stopped happening until I began training for a marathon. Then it would happen around mile 10-12.


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