Half Marathon Journey: Week 6

February 22, 2016

HalfMarathonWeek6 This week was a really good one. My body completely shocked me when I ran 4.2 miles, Jamie and I ran together twice, and we went on a fun 5 mile hike in the mountains with our friends over the weekend! A friend commented on my instagram this week, and it said “You know you’re officially a runner now right?.” And as crazy as it sounds for me to say it, yes I am a runner now. I’m running three times a week, with other workouts in between, my body feels tighter, I have more energy, and most days are planned around the weather forecast and my workout. It feels good to call myself a runner, but oh how I have so much further to go. For now, I just want to share about two things that I learned a lot about this past week:

Running with your spouse: To be completely honest, knowing mine and Jamie’s personalities, I thought running with him (or any kind of exercise) was the worst idea ever. After some convincing, I agreed for him to come along on a run one day, and we were totally surprised! Although Jamie isn’t officially running this half marathon with me, he committed to train with me where I see fit, and at first I didn’t want to workout with him AT ALL. But now, I can’t imagine going on a longer run without him. He makes me laugh, encourages and listens to me whine through my pain, and pushes me to keep going and remind myself that I CAN DO IT. I love the way that this has challenged us together, and brought us closer. There is just something so sweet about working towards a goal with your best life buddy!

Running when it’s cold: Let me just go ahead and get it out, UGH cold weather. This has been hard for me, not only because cold weather is not a motivation to get outside, but because when you’re running in it, it’s not fun. My body is slowly adapting to running in the cold, learning to breath and warm the necessary places in my body to keep me going. My best piece of advice is this: do not leave your house without gloves, something that covers your ears and loads of chapstick. I have found that when I have covered those three areas, it makes it a little bit easier!

Miles this week: 15 Miles
Total Miles: 65 Miles

If you have any other tips about running in the cold or running with your spouse, please comment below! I’d love to hear your insight!

4 thoughts on “Half Marathon Journey: Week 6

  1. Kristin

    Cal. Lots of cold weather advice over here :: good socks (Bombas are my favorite – they have both cotton and wool options); my Melanza is my absolute favorite cold weather running top; Kleenex.


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