February 2016 Echoes

February 19, 2016

For as long as I can remember I have loved styleI love the way that it is continually evolving or remaining constant, the way that it can express a multitude of emotions, and the way that I have clearly learned that it does not define who I am, but it does make life a little bit more fun. Recently when it comes to style, I have realized that I find myself bookmarking, screenshotting, or looking at products that have caught my eye. Whether it’s decorating our home, experimenting with a new project, or a different way to wear a current piece of clothing in my closet, I have noticed that those things have an influence in my creative style.

echo(n): something that catches your eye; you bookmark the link, screenshot it, or find yourself looking at it repetitively in a short amount of time

I am excited to begin sharing some of my echoes with you throughout the seasons. Each February, I feel like I am anxiously awaiting the Spring – the warmer weather, the lighter clothing, and longer daylight, but I am still enjoying the cozy stay cooped up inside with a good book and fuzzy slipper Winter days. So here is my February echo – a perfect mixture of Winter yet springing forward items.


Denim Shorts | Doormat | Moscow Mule Mug | Oversized Scarf
Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree | Area Rug | Leopard Heels | Teardrop Earrings

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