Half Marathon Journey: Week 3

February 2, 2016

HalfMarathonWeek3 This week, I began incorporating running into my work out schedule, and to be honest it was hard. Even though I was alternating between running and walking, I expected to just be able to run as long as I want, but that was not the case. Immediately, it was easy for me to be discouraged and tell myself ” this is hard and I can’t do this,” but then I was reminded that this journey is a progress. It’s not going to be a big change overnight, but little by little I am going to build on running. I’m mostly writing these thoughts for myself, so when I am feeling incapable, I can reread this and remind myself that perfect, fast, long distance running is not going to happen immediately or possibly ever. Instead I need to rejoice in every little addition to my training and be thankful for the little things like beautiful sunny, shorts-wearing weather, Bokeh who encourages me by getting excited when we begin to run, delicious post work out green smoothies, and this song, and this song that pump me up!

Miles this week: 9.5 Miles
Total Miles: 27.5 Miles

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