Holbox, Mexico

January 15, 2016


In November, Jamie and I took our yearly trip to Holbox, Mexico based on a recommendation from some good friends of ours. I can confidently tell you that we would have never even considered coming here if it wasn’t for their recommendation, and I’m so glad we did! The lovely Hotel Mawimbi was the little hotel. With only 10 rooms in the whole hotel and private beach, we lounged all day long on their amazing beach beds and hammocks.

After a crazy year, Jamie and I really needed this time to do nothing. We sat on the beach for four days, read a combined 4 books, ate delicious Mexican food, and enjoyed the lack on Wifi. I’m thankful for this time that we were able to reconnect without the distractions of our everyday life. We studied the bible together, played tons of cards, explored the small island of Holbox, went on long walks, and drank delicious frozen cocktails. On the last day, we truly didn’t want to leave. It was so sweet!

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3 thoughts on “Holbox, Mexico

  1. Jessi Nichols

    What a fun idea to get away for a sweet little trip once a year to do NOTHING! Love that idea! Do you take your Contax with you on trips or do you have a 35mm that you love to take with you? I’m currently looking into 35mm cameras and would love to hear if you have one you recommend!

    1. Callie Davis Post author

      Jessi! Thank you! I take my 35mm camera on trips because it’s easier to travel with. I would highly recommend the Canon 1V, as it is the same body shape as 5D Mark iii and you can also use all of your Canon lenses on it!

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