2016 + January Goals

January 7, 2016


Happy New Year friends!

Jamie and I were in Highlands, NC for New Years and for a friend’s wedding (which I also photographed!) so the beginning of the year has actually started for me today rather than exactly on January 1st. Regardless, I am so excited for this year, especially because it is an even year (in case you don’t know, I have this thing for even numbers).

This year, I have truly loved working through my Powersheets. After spending time filling out the different prompts and getting messy, my answers spurred on a really great conversation with Jamie. We talked about what worked and what didn’t, what was hard, and we ended our time dreaming about things we want to do this year and later in life. To be completely honest with you, a lot of things did not work last year. I was not in tune with the Holy Spirit, I said yes to way too many things, I kept things in and let them explode in my heart, I was stressed and overwhelmed and weak, I didn’t ask for help, I did not take care of my body or the other things that matter most in my life.

But God…

In His overwhelming grace and love, He stripped me of my pride and found me in my weaknesses. Callie, “I am the vine and you are the branches,” He said. “If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Nothing. Nothing is what I can do apart from God. So this year my goals are WITH GOD. Although some of them might seem somewhat vague, I tried to consolidate them as much as possible and am excited to share with you how I will be specifically breaking them down with some of my goal action ideas.

nancyray-nrpteam-1025 Image by Nancy Ray Photography

So without further ado, here are my 2016 goals:

Read 12 books
Shoot 15 Weddings and invest in my clients
Help with Marketing for NRP
Say no & make meaningful decisions
Love Jamie well and know him deeper
Take better care of my body
Run a 1/2 Marathon (yes, this is real. Can you believe it? I certainly am still processing it.)
Grow in my relationship with The Lord
Give more away – stuff, money, time
Celebrate milestones and the little moments of our life
Awaken this blog from it’s long nap
Join a small group at our church and begin serving at our church
Nurture + pursue our married friend relationships
Poke my creative passions

January Goals

Read What Did You Expect
Celebrate my 25th (wow!) Birthday with another fun murder mystery party (Click here to see last year’s roaring 20s party)
Make a client excel spreadsheet
4 Date nights away from home with Jamie
Sunday Questions with Jamie
Meet with my Coach, sign up for a 1/2 Marathon, buy new running shoes, and begin training
Use my Umstead gift card and get a much needed massage
Get a haircut (I don’t know why this is such a hard thing for me)
Clean out my closet and give tons of clothes away
Add all important celebrations to my calendar – birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Begin weekly blogging

There is one goal in that list that scares me like nothing else. If you know me, you know that I absolutely hate running. You know that I ran cross country for one year in high school after quitting 10 years of gymnastics to continue to get exercise, and I hated every stinking minute of it. After admitting to the NRP team how terribly I took care of my body last year, I laughed at Nancy when she invited us to do a 1/2 Marathon with her. I fought and fought against it in my mind for days; “I can’t do that. That’s impossible. Callie, you hate running. Why would you even push yourself to go that far?”

But let me just say this: What is the point of setting goals if none of them are going to challenge you? What is the point if you know confidently that you can accomplish all of them? It would be an act against who I am to say no to this goal, to believe the lie that I’m not capable. So here I go, stepping into one of the hardest, most impossible seeming things with great hopes that more than anything I will prove myself wrong. I hope you will also set a goal this year that is hard and terrifying, believing that in the end you will prove yourself wrong.

I would love to see your 2016 or January goals – the hard and scary goals, the goals you are looking most forward to, and the goals that you are implementing because of something you learned in 2015. Be sure to post a link to them below so we can cheer each other on! And if you are a runner, or a hater of running turned lover into running, I would love nothing more to connect. I’m going to be blunt in saying that I am going to need some major encouragement in this.

5 thoughts on “2016 + January Goals

  1. grace

    Our stories sound so similar… I was active in sports in high school but HATED running. I never dreamed I would run a 1/2 marathon. I thought people who ran that far were crazy! And like you, I had a friend push and encourage me to take the journey with her. On a complete whim I signed up, and in April of 2014 I crossed my first finish line! It wasn’t always easy, but each day it got easier. I took deep breaths, prayed, and trusted God to help me through the next steps. The biggest things I learned were to not to be afraid… To not be afraid of hills that seemed like mountains, of time that seemed to pass wayyyy to slowly, of what the next mile might hold, and mostly, to not be afraid of walking! :) I crossed that finish and thought to myself, “That really wasn’t THAT bad!” Since then, I’ve run 1 other 1/2 and am currently praying about running another one this year. I know how you’re feeling but I also know you can do it! If I can cross that finish line, ANYONE can!

  2. Kensington

    I’m so glad you’re back to blogging, I love following along on here and Instagram. As a college girl, you are such an inspiration to me in living well and living for the Lord! I’m in the same boat as you with running.. I started last fall and went from zero to now being able to run 2-3 miles consistently! I would love to see maybe monthly running updates with your progress, how you started, things that have helped, etc. Cheering for you!

  3. Elizabeth

    I ran a 1/2 marathon at the end of 2015. A few months prior, I couldn’t even remember the last time I had run 1 mile, and I HATED running. Now I love it. It is truly possible – try finding the little joys! Like listening to new music on a run, enjoying beautiful weather (if possible), exploring cute neighborhoods and of course feeling proud of yourself. Good luck!

  4. Samantha

    I can not tell you how much of this post resonates with my weak heart from the end of the past year.

    “I was not in tune with the Holy Spirit, I said yes to way too many things, I kept things in and let them explode in my heart, I was stressed and overwhelmed and weak, I didn’t ask for help, I did not take care of my body or the other things that matter most in my life.”

    These words are the TRUTH that I knew were occurring in my life but were too afraid to admit to myself.
    I am going to use the next words that you spoke as my mantra to give me inspiration in this new year and semester. “In His overwhelming grace and love, He stripped me of my pride and found me in my weaknesses.”
    Amen! Yes! Only in HIM will I find strength and purpose. When I tune my eyes to His grace and start listening to his quiet voice, I will begin to live a more purposeful, intentional and abundant life.
    Praying these words and goals over both of us this year, Callie!
    Excited to see how The Lord uses you in 2016 :)

  5. Annie

    Just reading up on my future teamie (insert incredibly giddy face here) and getting to know you more through your goals… Inspiring truly! On a silly note, I couldn’t help but notice the “give away clothes section”… I’m happy to help a sista out if you need someone to take a load off for you! Now insert winky face! Can’t wait to hang more!


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