July 2015 Goals

July 1, 2015

calliedavis-farmersmrkt-1006 Sweet July, you are hot and humid, but filled with one of my favorite holidays. I look forward to you every year, but this time, I am most looking forward to hanging up my camera for the whole month and enjoying what normal people do during the summer weekends. For us that means lots of time at the beach! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job but it gets hard not to spend your weekends with your husband, and I’m so excited to spend four weekends in a row together!

Read Bread & Wine and An Unlikely Event
Shoot 0 weddings and enjoy three relaxing weekends at the beach (so excited about this one!)
Finish my Under the Oaks blogging series and begin something new (leftover from last month)
Follow up with our Lawyer regarding our will that we discussed last month
Pursue the training process in our church to begin serving
Enjoy one sabbath day (July 20th)

I hope your July is filled with fresh, juicy strawberries, sparklers, a good book and lots of sunscreen! Share your July goals below! I would love to see what you’re most looking forward to.

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