June 2015 Goals

June 1, 2015

calliedavis-farmersmrkt-1002 Friends, we’re half way through 2015. Can you believe it? I sure can’t!

Before I share my goals for June, I want to look at 2015 as a whole; to celebrate what has been accomplished so far and move forward knowing what I need to give more attention to. Where ever you are with your 2015 goals, I want you to take a day to celebrate what you have accomplished, big or small! Because as my friend, Emily Ley says, “I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection,” so any move forward should be celebrated!

2015 Goal Update

Read 12 Books (I have read 5 so far!) 
Shoot 25 beautiful weddings (I have shot 7 so far!)
See my photography work in print twice (Next month Ally & Bobby’s wedding will be in Trendy Bride Magazine!)
Get my wisdom teeth taken out (Yes, I did this!!)
Schedule and enjoy 12 intentional Sabbath days (once a month): screen free, away from home (To be honest, I have not done this well and am looking forward to making this more of a priority these next 6 months)
Complete a living will with Jamie (Moving forward this month!)
Create and implement a firm monthly budget (I’m so proud of our progress with this. It’s been hard, but we are finally doing this well!)
Complete Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 3 and begin Baby Step 6 (We have completed Baby Step 3!! Now time to begin working on Baby Step 6!)
Officially join our church and begin serving (I am so happy to say that we are making great progress with this goal. So far, we took the membership class, officially became members and were baptized! We need to continue moving forward with getting in a small group and begin serving on Sundays.)
Teach (I have been so honored to teach and train our newest associate photographer Olivia over the past couple months!) 
Celebrate our one year anniversary amidst my full wedding season (Yes! Blogpost coming soon about this!!)
Travel to Italy and enjoy a restful vacation with my family (Yes! Our trip was amazing! Blogposts coming soon!!)
Implement a blogging schedule and prepare in a week ahead of time (When I created this blog, I always said that it would be a fun outlet for me, not something that I felt like I had to do or that I viewed as work. I definitely need to continue to work on this.)
Update Esty shop + Additions (This is the goal that I feel like I have completely neglected and I’m looking forward to spending more time on this in the next 6 months.)
Memorize a verse at the beginning of each month to meditate on (I have not done this well.)
Increase my prayer life (I will always be striving to do this, but I feel like I have made a point to do this better these past 6 months)
Intentionally study the bible with Jamie (Continuing to make this a priority.)
Complete MNBS studying 1 & 2 Timothy (Done!)
Develop a solid morning quiet time routine (I’m making progress!)
Fast from social media 2 days/week (I NEED TO DO THIS! Social Media is exhausting me.)
Shoot 1 personal roll of film a month (Yes! I have loved this goal!)
Plan a tropical vacation with Jamie for the fall (Because of new financial goals, unfortunately we won’t be doing this anymore)

June Goals

Read The Best Yes
Photograph 3 lovely weddings
Develop better boundaries with working at home / Obey strict working hours
Spend a relaxing weekend at the beach
Finish my Under the Oaks blogging series and begin something new (!!)
Make an appointment and meet with our lawyer to write our living will
Complete cleaning out our closet and guest bedroom
Hang string lights over our back deck
Enjoy one sabbath day (June 19th)

How are you doing with your 2015 goals? How can I encourage or celebrate your progress with you today?

3 thoughts on “June 2015 Goals

  1. Kelly

    The Best Yes is incredible! I read it while at the beach last fall and was really able to focus on what my goals were. I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are. As for me and my goals, I did Lara Casey’s refresh yesterday and I’m excited about where the rest of the year is headed!

  2. Samantha

    I would love to read a post about how you and Jamie study the Bible together/grow in your faith as a couple rather than individually — both are so important in our walks with The Lord.

    Thank you for sharing your goals; they are so inspiring and encouraging! Looking forward to all of the exciting things to come!!


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