Under the Oaks: Final Exit

May 17, 2015

nancyray-caljamwed-4265 As a wedding photographer, one of my favorite moments of a wedding is the Bride and Groom’s exit, so I knew that I wanted to ours mine extra special! Our exit started at the reception with the last song on the dance floor. We asked the band to play “Last Dance” by Donna Summer and had gold and white confetti shot over the dance floor. I then went and changed into a sparkly getaway dress and we walked through one very long and exciting line of sparklers onto the dock. Jamie and I climbed up in the tuna tower and exited on a beautiful sports fisherman boat. As we drove away, fireworks were shot in the sky!

This was one of the moments of our wedding that I was most looking forward to. Throughout our planning, it was important to me that we incorporate things that Jamie loves and that reflected him. He loves boats and fishing, and I was thrilled when my dad found an awesome boat for us to leave on.

Photography: Nancy Ray Photography
Exit Dress: French Connection
Confetti Cannons: Artistry in Motion
Getaway Boat: Full Circle
nancyray-caljamwed-4255 nancyray-caljamwed-4269 As much as I wanted everyone to believe that Jamie and I truly left on a boat, I’ll be honest and let you know that we didn’t. We had our boat driver, who’s name was also Jamie, take us on a little ride while we waited for our guests to leave. However, Jamie and I did stay up in the tuna tower for our ride, and that private moment was one of the best parts of our day. We laughed, drank champagne, soaked in the fact that we were married and enjoyed the gorgeous stars! Once we got the all clear, Jamie brought us back and we had a driver take us to our hotel downtown.
nancyray-caljamwed-4281 nancyray-caljamwed-4286

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