Under the Oaks: Reception

May 16, 2015


I can’t tell you how many times, I have dreamed about going back to our reception. It was so much fun! All the people I love in one spot, eating delicious food under romantic string lights, and dancing the night away.

Jamie and I fell in love with River Oaks because of the blank canvas that it offered. We were excited to plan our wedding the way that we saw best fit for our guests and celebration. And what excited me the most was knowing that we would be able to have an intimate outdoor dinner to maximize the gorgeous views that River Oaks has to offer. Because our wedding was a destination wedding, we wanted to make sure that our guests fully experienced the beautiful Low Country.

The main design inspiration for our wedding decor came from our prayer for our marriage – that The Lord would cultivate in us a marriage as strong as the oaks and as deep and wide as the sea. To this day, I still love our classic and clean wedding decor, and wouldn’t change anything that we did! We actually purchased the same reception chairs for our own dining room table!

Photography: Nancy Ray Photography
Tent: Sperry Tents
Reception Band: Atlanta Pleasure Band
Bar Service: Squeeze on Site
Vintage Tabletop Rentals: Polished
Standard Rentals: Eventworks
Lounge Seating: Out of Hand Rentals
Specialty Linens: La Tavola
Rock Candy Favors: Nuts.com

To allude to our love of candy, we gave out rock candy as our wedding favor. Guests found their name and table number attached to a piece of white rock candy on a table with a banner that read “The Lord is our rock.” Untitled-1













nancyray-caljamwed-4031 After dinner, cake cutting and toasts by Jamie’s best man (his brother Clay) and my maid of honor (my best friend Mary Courtney), all the guests were moved into the reception tent, where we did our first dances, and then danced the night away! nancyray-caljamwed-4018 Jamie and I danced our first dance to “My Dear” by Bethel. We had a good friend sing and play the piano to a slower version of the original song. This song is special to Jamie and I because we chose not to tell each other “I love you” until we were engaged, so when I felt myself coming close to telling him, I would listen to this song and sing the lyrics as loud as I could. Dancing to this song was so sweet because I get to tell him everyday for the rest of my life what my heart is singing. We got the inspiration to include the bible verse “Your love has ravished my heart.” (Song of Solomon 4:9) in our engagement session and wedding from this song. nancyray-caljamwed-4055

nancyray-caljamwed-4049 When my dad and I first talked about our dance, I told him that I wanted him to chose the song. My dad is incredibly thoughtful and I knew that he would chose something so perfect. We danced to “You Look Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. I’ll never forget, my dad telling me that he knew he needed to keep it together until after his toast at the wedding, but after that, he was going to let all the feelings happen, and they definitely did during our dance. nancyray-caljamwed-4062  Jamie gets all of his dance moves from his mother, so when he told me that they wanted to do an awesome medley for their mother/son dance, I knew it would be a crowd favorite! Jamie and his Mom danced to a medley of songs that they chose together. It was important to them to make sure they got to show off their moves during their dance. From “What a Wonderful World” to “Disco Inferno” they sure did have the crowd laughing and cheering the whole time! nancyray-caljamwed-4073

nancyray-caljamwed-4084 When Jamie and I got home from our honeymoon, we learned that my brother, Dillon ripped a huge hole in his brand new tuxedo pants from dancing during our reception, which is definitely something that our family won’t ever forget! nancyray-caljamwed-4121 Of course, we had to take a Broughton High School pictures! So many Capitals in one picture makes my heart so happy! nancyray-caljamwed-4130 One of my favorite memories from the night is the constant dancing. Jamie and I love to dance and so do most of our friends and family so we knew that with the help of Atlanta Pleasure Band, the dance floor would be packed and full of excitement! Because we decided to do a traditional greeting line between our cocktail hour and dinner, speaking and hugging each of our guests, it allowed us to truly enjoy the dance floor during our reception. nancyray-caljamwed-4151




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