Under the Oaks: Private Dinner

May 15, 2015


Jamie and I chose to do a private dinner on the dock so that we could enjoy our delicious dinner together and alone before the party began. This was THE BEST wedding planning decision that we made and one of our favorite parts of the whole day. It was quiet, the view was incredible and it was just the two of us. When planning our wedding, Jamie and I wanted to be intentional with planning specific times where we could be still with each other and take in all of the moments of our day. We did this at our private dinner as well as during the communion in our ceremony and at the end of the night when we rode away on the boat before driving to our hotel. After were we finished eating, we joined our family and bridal party at the head table for the remainder of the meal.

No matter where you are getting married, I want to encourage you to make this happen if it is important to you! Don’t worry about feeling the need to be with your guests. Remember, it’s your wedding. You can do whatever you want! If you decide to have your private table in your guest’s view like we did, they will be able to see you, instead of wondering where you are and why you aren’t with them. Be sure to coordinate this dinner with your caterer. We had our whole dinner ready for us when we arrived so we could eat faster than our guests, and join our guests while they were still eating.


nancyray-caljamwed-3299 Images by Nancy Ray Photography

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