Under the Oaks: Photography Advice

April 14, 2015

nancyray-caljamwed-3872 Image by Nancy Ray Photography

As a photographer myself, I carefully planned my wedding day to revolve closely around what I knew would give us the best images. If you are a bride, and photography is important to you, I would HIGHLY suggest that you read these blogposts that I wrote on Nancy Ray Photography’s blog. My hope is that my advice would be great help to brides who love photography, but don’t know enough technically to make these decisions!

Wedding Photography Intro
Engagement Session
Bridal Session
Your Wedding Timeline
Videography with Photography
Preparing your Detail
Family Pictures
Reception Lighting
Planning your Exit Shot
Getting your Wedding Published
Wrap Up

From Nancy Ray: How to be a Bridesmaid and Photographer
From Will Ray: From a Second Shooter’s Perspective

If you have any other questions concerning your wedding photography or wedding day, please feel free to contact me or comment below! I would love to help.

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