Under the Oaks: Rehearsal

April 13, 2015


These are our people – the people who have walked through life with us good and bad, been our biggest support and accountability, and who have loved us unconditionally. This was the day when everything really started to feel real. Our wedding was really happening!

We started the day before our wedding at River Oaks. With Marianne and Courtney’s wonderful organization and guidance, we rehearsed our ceremony. The boys and girls then went separate ways – the girls to my bridesmaid luncheon and the boys out to the country to enjoy an afternoon shooting sporting clays. I will never forget this sweet and celebratory day with our favorite people!

nancyray-caljamreh-1002nancyray-caljamreh-1007 nancyray-caljamreh-1009 nancyray-caljamreh-1004 Images by Nancy Ray Photography

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