Under the Oaks: Wedding Morning

April 3, 2015

nancyray-caljamwed-3008 I stayed in a gorgeous rental house with all of my bridesmaids over our wedding weekend and we had the greatest time! The morning of my wedding, we woke up, spent sweet time with Jesus, ate a delicious breakfast and drank mimosas to celebrate. Soon after breakfast we began getting ready, some of us got our hair and makeup done while others did it themselves. It was a slow morning which was exactly what I wanted. We listened to fun music, danced around while getting ready, and praised God for the beautiful weather. I spent some time writing in the journal that I gifted Jamie and wrote letters to my parents. I’ll never forget, my bridesmaids kept asking me if I was ok. Apparently I was acting incredibly calm which was making them worry, because that’s totally not like me!
nancyray-caljamwed-3029 nancyray-caljamwed-3017 nancyray-caljamwed-3059 nancyray-caljamwed-3066 nancyray-caljamwed-3053 nancyray-caljamwed-3057 After our hair and makeup was finished, my dad came to pick my mom and I up to drive to River Oaks. I rode with just the two of them on the way there, which was really sweet time together!
nancyray-caljamwed-3067 nancyray-caljamwed-3167 Once we arrived to River Oaks and were safely secured in the bridal suite (the boys were hanging out in a room right below us) I was able to see my sweet brother, which I was so looking forward to. It’s pretty safe to say that I cried the whole day. I just let the emotions happen the way they wanted to which was a lot of happy tears.
nancyray-caljamwed-3086 nancyray-caljamwed-3016 After keeping my dress a secret for so long (read more about that here), I put my dress on in the bridal suite with my mom and bridesmaids. I love this gorgeous bridal suite with the natural light and soft mint green walls. It was a soothing place to wait in between taking pictures and walking down the aisle.
nancyray-caljamwed-3155 nancyray-caljamwed-3151 We prayed together praising God for his goodness. You can hear some of their beautiful prayers in our wedding video.
nancyray-caljamwed-3443 nancyray-caljamwed-3455 I said goodbye to each of my bridesmaids as Callie Pitts for the last time, and watched them walk down the stairs to line up for the processional. While waiting for my turn, my dad and I spent time together just the two of us. We stood in silence hugging and looking out the window, as we could see the ceremony and everything happening. He was the perfect presence of peace and joy during those anxious moments of waiting to walk down the aisle. I won’t ever forget that moment with him.
nancyray-caljamwed-3461 And then it was my turn!

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