To Make You Holy

March 23, 2015

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“The primary point of marriage is to teach you to wash the feet of another sinner.”
Elyse Fitzpatrick

Are you feeling unworthy, stagnant or discouraged today? To be honest, I have been feeling this way for a couple of weeks now; stumbling aimlessly through my days of long to do lists that never seem accomplished. The enemy had a foothold on me and it was yesterday afternoon that the Holy Spirit’s voice trumped his nasty voice. I could hear Him so clearly. Although what he said was a hard truth, it was what I so needed to hear. Marriage doesn’t create new problems, it just makes those problems worse. My selfish heart and desire didn’t appear when Jamie and I got married. That sin has always been in me, marriage just made it more prominent. The point of marriage is not to fulfill all my needs or to make me happier. The point of marriage is to teach me to wash the feet of another sinner. The point of marriage is to make me more like Him, to die to myself the way He did for me on the cross and to serve my husband whole heartedly through the good and bad, hard and easy, ugly and pretty.

“He laid aside his outer garments, and taking a towel, tied it around his waist. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples feet.” John 13:4-5

“Here’s the Lord, who deserves all power and glory, laying it all aside and taking the form of a servant, washing dirty feet. In just a few hours, these same feet would carry the disciples away from Jesus as they fled from him in the hour he needed them most. ” – J.D. Greear

If you are feeling this way or even if you just need some hard encouragement, listen to this sermon (First Love : One Simple Question : Ephesians 5:21 : J.D. Greear). It changed my whole perspective.

2 thoughts on “To Make You Holy

  1. Jessi

    Callie, Thank you! This is a beautiful, honest thought on marriage and I have been there already as well. You’ve been married slightly longer than I and it is encouraging to see other brides in Christ experiencing similar sins and stumbling blocks. You have helped my Monday!

  2. Whitney

    Callie, I love your heart! I needed to hear this truth today! You are so open, honest and relatable! I look forward to meeting you at Summer’s bridal session in May!


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