Italy, here we come!

March 10, 2015

calliedavis-cinqueterre-1056 Yes, it’s true! Jamie and I are headed to Italy with his family, and I can hardly wait. As you may remember, I traveled to Italy last summer (only a month after Jamie and I were married) with my very best friends. I have completely fallen in love with this country and am thrilled to be there again with my husband this time! If you missed my blogposts about our trip, be sure to see them here: Cinque Terre, Tuscany + Rome and Pisa + Florence

To be completely honest, it has been hard for me to even comprehend that we are leaving in 2 weeks. Mostly because I have been on the outskirts of the planning process. My wonderful brother-in-law has been doing all of the planning and organizing, which I am quite thankful for. I am excited to follow his lead on this trip and enjoy the ride! While my last trip to Italy was centered around seeing everything that we possibly could, this trip is more about rest and experiencing the culture. Our schedule looks something like this:

April 1st Arrive in Pisa / Drive to Tuscany
April 6th Arrive in Portofino
April 9th Arrive in London
April 10th Arrive in Raleigh

Some things that we will be doing:
Market Tours
Cooking Classes (so excited about this!)
Wine, Castle and Vineyard Tours
Eat a lot of delicious food
Attend an Easter Sunday Church service
Hike Cinque Terre
Spend a day in Florence
Visit the Portofino Lighthouse
Hike to San Frugguoso and Camogli
Spend a night in London (on our way home)

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