Under the Oaks: Bridesmaids Attire

March 3, 2015


When I first began thinking about bridesmaid dresses, I knew this would be a big decision for me because this was the detail where I wanted to incorporate a lovely color. With the way that the rest of our design was going, I wanted to keep it natural and cohesive with the neutral palette that I was drawn to, so I began slowly looking at color. I was afraid that if I came up with some great, specific color idea in my mind, then there would be a chance that I would not be able to find it, so I began looking only at the colors that were offered. I had originally thought about a shade of green because I thought it would look pretty with the natural scenery of our venue, so when I saw their Peacock emerald green, I completely fell in love.

As we continued to discuss the attire for our wedding and made final decisions on the groomsmen attire, I decided to go with a long dress style to match the formality of their classic tuxedos. Without even thinking about my dress, I chose the Nadia style as my favorite and then later realized that it was a similar sweetheart neckline as my wedding dress. I guess I do really know what I love!

Jenny Yoo Annabelle Dress in Mayan Blue and Soft Plum

It didn’t feel right finding a bridesmaid dress that quick and easy, so I did a little more research to make sure this was really want I wanted. I order some different brands, styles and colors to try for myself, and while I really liked the styles, I couldn’t get that gorgeous peacock color out of my head. I finally ordered one in the size of one of my bridesmaids, Blair so she could try it on and I could really see what it would look like, especially since I wouldn’t be wearing it. She loved it just as much as I did, so I knew we needed to be decisive and make it the dress.

Some tips I learned along the way:
– Take advantage of a company’s ordering and free shipping! I ordered dresses to try them on and see the color and then easily returned them. It was an easy way to shop without leaving my house.
– Get your bridesmaids’ opinions on what they will feel comfortable in and how much they are willing to spend (however, ONLY do this if you believe this will help you, sometimes too many opinions is too much).
– Look for sales! I waited for a good Jcrew sale to go up before asking my bridesmaids to purchase their dresses (I believe some of them got them for 30% off!)
– Be sure to speak with someone to make sure that your style or color will not be soon to discontinue. I feared that I would fall in love with a dress and then it would be sold out or discontinued before my bridesmaids had a chance to order it.
– Check in with your bridesmaids periodically to make sure that they have everything they need – shoes, alterations, etc.

Jcrew Nadia Silk Chiffon Long Dress in Peacock

IMG_7732 bridesmaids

Images by Nancy Ray Photography

I had a really hard time deciding what I wanted to gift each of my bridesmaids and after much consideration, I decided to give each a pair of earrings, a handkerchief to carry down the aisle, and a hand written prayer, thanking The Lord for their friendship. I wanted to give them a gift that was special enough to wear on my wedding day, and simple enough that they could continue to wear them everyday. These Loren Hope Sophia iridescent studs were the perfect fit and I love the way they subtly pick up whatever color you are wearing.

While this was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, behind deciding on my gown, I am so happy with how they looked, fit, and brought the whole design of our wedding together. Plus, I have some incredibly beautiful friends!

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