Under the Oaks: Fine China

February 20, 2015


To be honest, I really wrestled with whether or not to register for fine china and when we first began our registry process, I had decided not to. I would tell myself, “Why spend so much money on stuff we won’t use?” But after talking with multiple people, I decided that we should. Not only is it beautiful, but I knew we would never buy it for ourselves, so if we were going to have it, now would be the time. I wanted to be practical about our china and make sure that the prices were reasonable. My mom had already expressed to me that I would be getting her fine china, so I wanted to make sure I chose something that would go well with her collection, which is gold and navy. She has a lot of silver and waterford, so I decided not to register for any myself. I am so happy with what we chose at Quintessentials (View our Registry). I think it’s classic enough to last forever and fancy enough with the lovely gold detailing. While the washing instructions are more delicate, I know it won’t just sit in a cabinet.

Here is what we registered for and received:
10 Bernardaud Soleil Levant Salad Plates
10 Haviland Symphony Gold Dinner Plates
10 Vietri Glass and Gold Ruffle Chargers
10 Vietri Optical Gold Water Glasses
10 Vietri Optical Gold Wine Glasses
*Our immediate families total to 10 people, so I am so happy and thankful that we will be able to set our table for our family dinner or celebration!

3 thoughts on “Under the Oaks: Fine China

  1. Victoria

    I am so glad you chose to register for china! We love ours and with just two years of marriage under our belts I’ve been so surprised at how much we’ve used them already. On top of that, I love the idea of building an heirloom collection to be passed down, like your mom is doing with you! What you chose is so gorgeous! :) I hope you’ll post photos of your home remodel.. we did one too and it’s so fun to see the transformations! XO

    1. Callie Davis Post author

      Hi Victoria! Thank you so much for you sweet compliments! I am so thankful we decided to register and am encouraged to hear that you have used yours a lot and you’ve only been married for two years! I’m planning to do a whole blogpost series about our home remodel! It’s coming soon, I promise!


    Thank you for choosing VIETRI for your registry! We love your simple but sophisticated mix of whites and golds, and it will look so elegant with navy as well. We hope that these treasures see many happy times around your table!


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