Under the Oaks: Registry

February 18, 2015

GiftRegistry Registry can be daunting. Trust me, I felt overwhelmed when we first began. Because Jamie and I were not previously living together before we got married, we needed to register for pretty much everything. The biggest piece of advice I can give to you about registering is this: Walk through the store and LOOK before you ever pick up a scanning gun. Jamie and I must have walked through the Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel three times before we ever made any decisions. It was good for us to see, touch and examine all of our options. We were able to get a feel for what each other expected, like and disliked, and thought we would practically use. This made our time easier when we were ready to get the scanning gun. We had already held our utensils, decided on our china pattern and knew that we probably didn’t really need a popcorn maker, even though it sounds really cool.

It’s important to make sure your registries are constantly filled with an abundance of items for your guests to choose from. I had to go back and add items to our registry as we had showers and made sure that there was a wide range of prices and variety. Without further ado, here are our registries!

Pottery Barn – Bedding & Entertaining
After much research, we chose our simple grey and white bedding from Pottery Barn and we have been so happy with it. Pottery Barn’s customer service is phenomenal. We also chose a couple statement entertaining pieces such as serving bowls and platters, a cake stand, platters and coffee cream and sugar bowls. | View our Registry

Crate & Barrel – Everyday China and Kitchen Utensils
We chose to register for our everyday China from Crate & Barrel. I knew that I wanted a simple white pattern that I could add to over time. For the most part, we went by my mom’s registry advice “You can’t go wrong with white.” I love clean white and know that down the road, I will have more flexibility with decor. We also chose a modern silver hammered utensil set that had the most comfortable handle. | View our Registry

Bed, Bath & Beyond – Kitchen Appliances and Cooking Tools
We registered for all of our kitchen appliances and cooking tools from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Anywhere from a Kitchen Aid Mixer (one of my favorite wedding gifts) to a pizza cutter. We also registered for our sheets here. | View our Registry

Other Helpful Tips: 
– Keep a consistent color palette and choose classic designs. We decided on white with a couple fun pops of color, like my aqua Kitchen Aid mixer or red teapot.
– Choose stores that have an easy online registry for your out of town guests to access. Because our wedding was a destination wedding, we wanted to make sure our guests could have the option to easily order their gifts online and have it sent directly to us instead of bringing it with them to our wedding.
– Your most used items will be your everyday china, utensils and cups so make sure you choose something you really love and something that will be easy to replace (unfortunately things will break).
– We chose not to register for simple things that we knew we could just buy ourselves like towels and picture frames. Instead, we really wanted our guests to buy us things that would last a long time and that we wouldn’t normally buy for ourselves.
– Have fun! This are some of the first decisions you will be making together as a couple!

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