Come to Me

January 30, 2015


I want to challenge you to soak in this question today. I have been soaking on it for about a month now and The Lord has been working in my heart and reminding me the importance of rest. Fruitful, rejuvenating, Jesus filled rest.

“On the seventh day, HE RESTED from ALL his work.” Genesis 2:2

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

Me me! I’m weary. I’m burdened. I need rest. My heart and mind desire rest. Soul searching, rejuvenating rest. Does anyone else feel this way? If so, step away, close your eyes and listen to this song. I listen to it constantly on repeat.

Practical ways to plan for rest:
1. Schedule monthly solitude days far in advance (3 month increments) and STICK to them! I just did my January solitude day and it was wonderful!
2. Set limits to your days off or rest days – Technology limits (only watch one episode instead of 5) & To-do Limits (only choose 3 things to accomplish instead of 10)
3. Ask someone to hold you accountable (i.e. your spouse or a friend)

For the past month, I have been thinking about what things make me feel rested:
Meaningful, honest time with Jesus
Walking / Exercising
Cooking / Baking
Quality Time with others
Listening to Worship Music 

I have identified these restful things, but why is it that I continue to make excuses and choose other things? I have found that not only is it important to identify places where you find rest, but also the excuses you make instead of choosing them. For me, most of my excuses come back to the lies that the world is telling me; you MUST watch this TV series, you MUST get this thing done, you MUST go go go until you are depleted. NO, Jesus is inviting us to come to HIM and only Him for the abundant rest that we desperately desire.


Misconceptions / Impractical ways of rest:

TV, Netflix, Social Media aka laying on the couch for long periods of time
Boy, am I guilty of this. I don’t know where the idea came from that this way of rest would rejuvenate us but from experience I have realized that not only does this not help me feel rested but more restless. Now, by no means am I saying this way of rest is bad but I think it’s all about moderation. 

“I must go on a vacation or get out of my home to feel rested.”
FALSE! While vacations are nice, our wallets can’t afford a week away every time I need rest. It’s important to understand how to rest in our own homes or we will feel trapped, as if our home is no longer a place of comfort and rest but, stress and anxiety. 

I’m not working, but I’m working.
On days off from work, it’s easy for me to automatically assign the day as a day to “get things done at home.” I pack the day full of chores, errands and crossing things off of a to-do list, but at the end of the day, I just feel like it was a normal work day. I feel defeated because I didn’t accomplish everything that I had hoped. In NO way do I feel rested. 


I love would to know, where do you find fruitful and rejuvenating rest? How do you hold yourself accountable in making this kind of rest happen?

3 thoughts on “Come to Me

  1. Owen Davis

    I love this reminder! It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to rest. I feel rejuvenated after spending time outside with my hubs and pup, we looove long walks!

  2. Katelin

    Hey Callie! I was just wondering if you could share where you purchased your bible from that you used at your wedding. The engraving is gorgeous!


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