Italy : Tuscany + Rome

January 14, 2015

calliedavis-italy-1038 As we made our way down to Rome, we spent one afternoon at Castello Di Verrazzano, a local wine vineyard. We toured the amazing property, learned how wine is made and then had a small tasting paired with a traditional Italian meat and cheese plate, which made us feel quite sophisticated.

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Rome was overwhelming, as we felt we had so much to see in so little time, but we managed to fit it all in! Some of the things that we did included:

– Trevi Fountain (unfortunately, they were doing work to the fountain so we were not able to toss our coin in, major bummer)
– Sistine Chapel (we did the first tour of the morning, so it was less crowded and almost silent, which was incredible)
– Vatican City / Square (picture here and here)
– Pantheon (picture here)
– Colosseum
– Roman Forum and Palatine Hill
– Peter & Paul’s Jain Cell (picture here)

calliedavis-italy-1080 calliedavis-italy-1073 calliedavis-italy-1076 calliedavis-italy-1069 calliedavis-italy-1084 calliedavis-italy-1082 calliedavis-italy-1086If you are interested in seeing more pictures from our adventure and possibly getting a good laugh, be sure to check out #raleighgalsgoabroad

I loved every second spent in Italy and I am so excited to be returning this spring with Jamie’s family!

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