2015 + January Goals

January 1, 2015

calliedavis-2015goals-1000 If I can be honest, these goals were hard for me to complete. I have no idea what 2015 is going to look like. Last year seemed easier, as I had so many things planned and set in stone, so many new adventures and experiences, but 2015 is different. Jamie and I are setting goals together for the first time and we are still learning so much about marriage (more to come about this). But I do know this: if I put my trust in anyone else, other than the Lord, I will crumble. We will crumble.

My number one goal this year is to cultivate a steady heart for the Lord.

STEADY: firmly fixed, supported, or balanced; not shaking or moving

I can’t see what’s in front of me, still I will trust you.
Steady heart that keeps on going, steady love that keeps on holding, lead me on,
steady grace that keeps forgiving, steady faith that keeps believing, lead me on.
Steady Heart by Steffany Gretzinger

2015 Goals

Read 12 Books
Shoot 25 beautiful weddings
See my photography work in print twice
Get my wisdom teeth taken out (I know this may sound silly, but I have been putting it off for years)
Schedule and enjoy 12 intentional Sabbath days (once a month): screen free, away from home (I want this to become more of a priority)
Complete a living will with Jamie
Create and implement a firm monthly budget
Complete Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 3 and begin Baby Step 6
Officially join our church and begin serving
Teach (I don’t know in what medium or what this looks like but I can hear the lord whispering this words to me)
Celebrate our one year anniversary amidst my full wedding season
Travel to Italy and enjoy a restful vacation with my family
Implement a blogging schedule and prepare in a week ahead of time
Update Esty shop + Additions
Memorize a verse at the beginning of each month to meditate on
Increase my prayer life
Intentionally study the bible with Jamie
Complete MNBS studying 1 & 2 Timothy
Develop a solid morning quiet time routine
Fast from social media 2 days/week
Shoot 1 personal roll of film a month
Plan a tropical vacation with Jamie for the fall


January Goals

Read Make it Happen by my amazing friend Lara Casey
Celebrate my 24th Birthday with a very fun themed party
Research and begin writing a living will
Spend a restful weekend a Windy Gap
Fill all remaining empty frames in our home

“For those who know your name trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.” Psalm 9:10

2015, LET’S DO THIS!

2 thoughts on “2015 + January Goals

  1. Emma

    Hi Callie, my name is Emma. I have been following your work through NRP for awhile now, but just felt inspired to introduce myself after reading your goals. I feel that we have a few things in common, as I too got married this past May (May 17, 2014) and I too do not know what to expect from 2015. Also, I went to high school with Jennifer Collins! Isn’t that funny?! I recognized her in your wedding pics :) I hope she is well! Anyway, I feel that having the wedding and honeymoon for 2014 really gave me a lot to do. Now, with all that done, it’s like, what’s next? I appreciate what you said about putting your trust only in Jesus, or else everything will crumble. I think that is sound advice and I am working on that as well.

    1. Callie Pitts Post author

      Hi Emma! Thank you so much for introducing yourself! What a small world! Yes Jennifer Collins is one of my best friends. Congratulations on your marriage! May was such a lovely month to be married in :) I’d love to see your 2015 goals now that we have a busy year behind us. It is hard looking forward after a big year and trying to figure out what’s next, but I’m encouraged to hear that you are also working on trusting Jesus! His plan is perfect, even if we don’t know what it looks like!


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