Thanksgiving 2014

December 5, 2014


This Thanksgiving marks the first holiday that Jamie and I celebrated together as a married couple and it was so lovely. We spent the morning and afternoon with Jamie’s family and the evening with my family. After talking with some other married friends, I realized truly how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to spend a holiday with both of our families.

This year my cousins and both sets of my grandparents  were able to join us, which was such a treat. My aunt and uncle have 6 kids…yes 6. They had three kids, decided to try for one more and had triple boys (2 identical and 1 fraternal). Although we do not see them as much as we would like, our time with them is always something to remember. Their family is so much fun and the boys LOVE Jamie (Uncle Frank as they like to call him). Between go karting, shooting targets in the backyard and chasing Bokeh around the house, there was always something exciting happening!



calliedavis-thanksgiving-1006 My amazing grandparents mean the world to me. Their strong marriages are something that I look up each time I am with them. I am incredibly thankful for all of the wisdom and stories they continue to share with me.






calliedavis-thanksgiving-1029If you ask me, Thanksgiving table decor and delicious food is wonderful but the people that you share it with is what matters most. I hope your Thanksgiving was as joyful as ours!

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