Meet Bokeh!

October 23, 2014

calliedaivs-bokehdavis-1006 We are so in love with the newest addition to the Davis family! You see, Jamie and I have been waiting for this day for a long time. We both grew up with labs so when it came time for us to seriously start looking into purchasing a precious puppy, we knew for sure that we wanted a lab. We found an available litter of silver labs in Greensboro, NC and immediately fell in love with the puppies. After many long weeks of waiting, we brought home our sweet and very little puppy. Having a puppy has been hard work, but we are thankful for the things that we have learned so far as “parents.” For now, all I will say is endless patience. We constantly have to remind ourselves that she doesn’t know better. We have to teach her not to bite us, how to sit, not to have accidents inside the house and where to find her food and water.

She is growing so fast and by the looks of her huge paws, we think she is going to be pretty big! I hope you enjoy these precious pictures of her over the past 13 weeks. If only you could smell her sweet puppy breath and feel her velvety fur curled up next to you!

Name: Bokeh (pronounced like boca) and no she isn’t named after the Spanish word for mouth. Her name is a photography term (nerd alert!)
Nicknames: Boocakes, Baby, Pookie, Bokey, Bokeh Winfrey, Bokehh (said like Opa!), Bokeh Bear
Favorite Activities: Chasing bugs in the backyard, chewing on mom’s rose bushes, riding with the head out of the car window, wrestling with her other dog friends and chasing her dad around the house as he barks at her like a dog
Least Favorite Activity: Coming inside. She hates being picked up and dragged inside when she is flocking and enjoying herself. She’s sassy and growls at us.
Eating: Iams Smart Puppies
Favorite Toys: Mallard Duck and Deer Antler
Favorite Pet Shop: Phydeaux
Breeder: Quicksilver Kennel

IMG_1488 (2 Weeks Old – Meeting the litter)
IMG_1660 (4 Weeks Old – Choosing Bokeh)
We’re not really sure there is a proper formula for choosing “the best” puppy from a litter. Bokeh was the biggest female (Jamie loved that) and she seemed to be the snuggliest (I loved that). When we were holding her, she held on to us so tightly and we immediately fell in love.
IMG_1968 (7 Weeks Old – first night home)
She cried in her kennel all night long. As hard as it was for us to hear, we are so thankful that we stuck to our plan. She is now completely crate trained and even goes inside to take a nap with the door open.
calliedaivs-bokehdavis-1001 (9 Weeks Old) calliedaivs-davisdogs-1010 (11 Weeks Old) 


(13 Weeks Old – First Beach Adventure)

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